Chapter 2: L?? Wait, 5 L's?!

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At Virginia, West, there once it appeared a village with a bunch of cowboys and villagers. Something appeared at the high winds with an albino horse, with a kid with a tan cowboy hat with a little bit of sand on it, with a real right robotic arm, a brown shirt, A dark-brown Ruana, a black mask with a pink L on it with glowing pink eyes, and British boots. "Alright, Alright, Susie. You can stop now." The kid said. "Here. Yeah. Have some water. That'll fresh you up good." The kid said. The kid went up to the village and recently ignores the employee for coming to the village. "Wha?! Now hold up there, you! You can't just be going to the village without money!" The employee said. "Now, you must state your name!" The employee demanded. The kid reached his pocked smoothly. "Why not I give you $179 dollars for it, and we forget the name? Hm?" The kid asked. The employees eyes dropped quickly. "Hm. Welcome to WestCrest Hawks Village." The employee said. "Aye! Thank you." The kid said. As the employee leaves the kid alone, the kid sneaks up behind him and snatches his $179 dollars back. The employee didn't feel a thing. 3 minutes later. The kid walks up to see the bank as soon as guards shove up next to the kid. "This bank is off limits to civilians." The guard said. "My bad. I'm terribly sorry. If I need a check for it, I'll go inside." The kid said as he walks up to the banks door and the guards still block the kids way. "You know, this village was made form ever so long, Thomas Crane first killed each cowboy from a distance. How can it be, two upstanding gentlemen to guard off the bank for checks?" The kid said. "Well, the governor made us guard this bank and let it stay away from civilians, you know?" The guard said. "What do you need money for, kid?" The guard said. "I'm here to raise up to $3,000 for an agreement from my colleague against such an outstanding and old kingdom." The kid said. "Well, what do you need them for?" The guard said. "I'm going after the White Empire!" The kid said. "Hahaha, there's no real such thing as the White Empire! Hehehe." The guard laughed. "The White Empire is real." The guard said. "Huh? Yeah, no it isn't." The guard said. "Yes it is, I've seen it!" The guard said. "You've seen such a powerful, plentiful, rich, empire with a ruler, so evil, can get through hell itself by charging against us, and the Xhoska Tribe??" The guard asked. The other guard nodded his head no. "Mhm. There's no such thing as the White Empire." The guard said. "But, I have seen an Empire with a tall territory before!" The guard said. "Ohh! So you've seen an empire with such filthy rich merchants can possibly outstanding us, is that what you're saying?!!" The guard yelled. "N-No." The guard said. "Yeah! So there's no REAL empire as can outstanding us t-!" The guard said after he looks at the kid. But, he's gone. Where could he be? Then, the guards look behind them with the kid trying to discover the bank inside. "HEY! YOU!! GET OUT OF HERE, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN HERE!!!" The guard yelled. "I'm so sorry, this is just a beautiful bank, I cannot lie." The kid said. "What's your name?!" The guard said. "Pete! Or  you can call me Peter!" The kid lied. "What's your purpose for being here, Mr. Pete?" The guard asked. "Yeah, and no lies!!" The guard said. "Well, I must confess myself, you two, for me being here, I was lost here with my family, escaped inside of a prison, trying to get the money so I can get more from Isla De Moñtana, chafing my money prides with the White Empire than, go to Britain and steal the Dawn Dusk Ring. Get that??" The kid said. "I-I said no lies!!" The guard said. "You know, I think he's telling the truth." The guard whispered. "If he would've be telling truth." The guard said. "Listen, now, I'm gonna do something that you won't regret it." The kid said as he walks up slowly to the guards. The kid raises his hands up and sings a song that makes them faint. <♪ 𝘖𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘜𝘱𝘰𝘯 𝘢 𝘈𝘮𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 ♪> The two guards fainted on the ground. "Easy as pie, oh and the  name is L. Sheriff L." Sheriff L said.

At Tucson Texas, there was a carnival that had a crowd named The Amazing Authentic Amusement Park! There it started with the amusement parks favorite clown, L-L the Circus Clown. "Now, we have everybody's favorite clown in this park, L-L the Circus Clown!!" The Headmaster said. "Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! It's me! The kids favorite friend, L-L the Circus Clown! HA-HA-HA!!!" L-L said. L-L was wearing a clown mask with red on the right and blue on the side like a theatre way with a clown red nose, and a L with two color sides on the front. He's wearing a ripped red and blue Croat op with a black tank top, long sleeves with one happy face on his right shoulder, and one sad face on his left shoulder. His shoes were black, looked like elf shoes and had the same faces on the front. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna make this balloon pop and regenerate it back to normal!" L-L said. L-L pulled out a red balloon, blew air inside of it, and made it into a normal balloon. L-L pulls out a pin from his pocket of magic, and instantly pops the balloon. "Now, kiddies! I'm gonna regenerate this balloon, as it was before!!" L-L said. L-L closes his eyes and saying deep spells quietly in his head. "𝘈𝘳𝘳𝘶𝘬𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘰𝘤𝘳𝘯𝘨𝘢." L-L whispered. Then, all the missing parts of the balloon, flew so fast at an instant, and finally the balloon regenerates back to normal. "Ha-Ha! Will you see that, everybody!?" L-L said. "Now, I'm gonna give y'all a joke and it will blast your head away!!" L-L said. The whole crowd laughed hardly. "So! Why did the Scarecrow win an award?! Hmm??" L-L asked. The whole crowd went quiet and tried thinking. "Ringing any bells?? No??" L-L asked. "Because! He was outstanding in his field!! Ha-hahahahaha! Did y'all get that, huh?!" L-L said. The whole crowd burst into tears as they laugh. 15 minutes later. "That was amazing, L-L!!" The headmaster said. "See you at noon tomorrow!" The headmaster said. "Sayonara!" L-L said. Then, a giant red light in about a mile away, L-L was shocked he wanted to see what that was. "Woah! What is that??" L-L said.

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