What Type of Person Are You?

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Many of us spend all our lives trying to figure out who we really are. Our personalities are an intriguing mystery that awaits discovery. In attempt to help you solve this puzzle, the Wattpad Team brings you the following personality test.

1)   Someone says something offensive. You would:

a)   Come up with a witty reply.

b)   let it slide and wait for the perfect moment to get back at him or her.

c)    ignore it but hold a grudge on that person.

d)   let it go and forgive that person.

2)   You are assigned a project along with a couple of your classmates. Your teacher chooses one of them to be the team leader. You would:

a)   start planning and taking decisions for the team.

b)   engage in the conversation, be open to others' suggestions,  and take decisions as a team.

c)    share your opinion and find a way to convince everyone of it no matter what.

d)   respect the leader and let her take all the decisions.

3)    You're in a restaurant when you hear someone shouting. One of the customers is scolding a waiter with disgust. You would:

a)   stand up for the waiter. Who does that man think he is?!

b)   call the waiter after the issue is solved and try to cheer him up.

c)    not take sides. How can you judge when you don't know the whole story?

d)   feel frustrated but can't do a thing. It will only cause more problems after all.

4)   You're lost in a deserted road along with your younger brother, a pregnant lady, and an old man. After walking under the burning sun for a couple of days, you find a car with no one around. As you search it, you find a bottle with little water. You would:

a)   give it to your brother. He is too young to endure the severe thirst.

b)   give it to the pregnant lady. You will save two lives instead of one.

c)    take the water for yourself. You really need it to keep going.

d)   give it to the old man. He looks really pale and dehydrated.

5)   You're meeting up with one of your friends. As you wait for her to reach the mall, your heel breaks. You haven't seen her for a long time, and you want to look good. You would:

a)   break the other heel. It's okay. She wouldn't notice anyways.

b)   buy flip flops from any cheap store in the mall. Why pay a lot when you don't need new shoes anyway?

c)     buy new shoes. It's okay to spend some money to avoid getting embarrassed.

d)   go back home and change your shoes. You can always pretend you didn't reach the mall yet.

6)    (Referring to question 5) You solve the issue with your shoe, and your friend calls. She apologizes for not being able to make it on time and asks you to postpone it a couple of hours later that day. You would:

a)   get angry and cancel the thing altogether.

b)   argue with her but agree to postpone it anyway.

c)    tell her you can't but keep your frustration to yourself.

d)   let it go and agree to postpone. You won't let it ruin your outing.

7)   You applied for a job and did really well on the interview. In a few days, you were asked for another meeting to decide on the details of the contract. You would:

a)   Tell only your family you got the job.

b)   tell everyone you got the job.

c)    tell no one you got the job. You didn't even sign the contract yet.

d)   tell only your family and close friends you got the job.

8)   You went to the supermarket and bumped into your neighbor who is also your sister's teacher. You find out your sister lied using you as an excuse to escape a study session. You would:

a)   tell the teacher the truth and scold your sister once you see her.

b)   hide the truth and play along your sister's lie, but scold her about it later when you see her.

c)    hide the truth but use the situation against her for future blackmail.

d)   brush the teacher off and ignore the whole incident. It's none of your business.

9)   In a family gathering, a discussion starts when one of your cousins says something you're completely against. You would:

a)   argue with her until you prove your point of view.

b)   show her your disapproval but do not argue much.

c)    stay silent, neither agree nor object.

d)   agree with her to avoid any trouble.

10)         You had an intense fight with one of your colleagues. You:

a)   refuse to talk to him or her until he or she apologizes.

b)   give him or her some time to calm down, then try to solve the issue.

c)    ignore the matter unless he or she reopens it.

d)   forget about it and excuse him or her for whatever he or she said.

11)          (Referring to question 10) Who would you talk to and/or seek for help?

a)   A family member.

b)   Another colleague

c)    No one.

d)   Your best friend.

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