Deafening Silence

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My heart pains at the sights and scenes,

ever so violent to my sensitive eyes they are.

Thousands of lifeless bodies appear on the screen,

far too many martyrs killed by a single tank car.

Chaos and havoc inevitably become one big harmony-destructing machine,

for this country has gotten nothing but a scar.

The destruction and eradication has become a routine,

not many seem to care that a child had mistaken a missile for a star.

Broadcasting channels, sports, and the media

all simply distract the world from what is of true importance.

This country all but wants recognition, check an encyclopedia,

its population using nothing but a holy book as guidance.

Fighting against the enemy to defend the country's cardia,

freedom fighters will not be fazed and will keep firm their stance.

They wish to free their sacred land for the simple idea

that their country is theirs, for all its distance.

Because a ten year old throws a rock in defiance,

he is a terrorist for protecting his family from a tank's rein?

Because he uses a stone as reliance,

he deserves to die in vain?

So many losses in a span of a day, where's the license?

People are falling one by one, like acid rain.

Face it, if 9/11 deserves a moment of silence,

then Palestine deserves that we never speak again.

Daniyah Abuasi


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