I wish

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I wish

I wish I can see Syria

And its parts

We all know its in our hearts

I wish I can feel its dirt

Not filled with blood and shame

But filled with life and game

I wish I can smell its air

The air everyone lives for

The air that everyone needs

But no air is found

No flowers

Only the flowers on graves

The moon lights up the day

And the sun darkens it...

I wish I can go there and see buildings

People smiling as you walk in the street

People running and playing but....

Hiding and crying

They are scared they're praying

Ohh God I wish I can think of my country

And smile for a change

Instead I try to forget and cry

Ohh God I wish there is hope

I wish everything will be okay

But nothing

Nothing is left of this country

No leaves on trees

No flowers alive

All fear

Living in the shadows

I wish I can forget about this

I wish this is everyone's wish

I wish I can help

I wish we can do something about it..

But what will happen if we only wish?...

Omayma Jundi

9 pink

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