Fifth Annual Reading Festival

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" 'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies', said Jojen. 'The man who never reads lives only one.' "

―George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

          The time has finally come for the fifth annual DJIS Reading Festival! In the spirit of Dar Jana's ongoing aim to promote and encourage reading, every year the DJIS juniors are given the responsibility of organizing and hosting The Reading Festival. The Reading Festival is a two day event that aims to inspire and motivate students from grades five to twelve to become lifelong readers through creative, fun and beneficial means. Traditionally, the Reading Festivals consist of booths and activities ,organized by the juniors, that are related to reading. This year, we, juniors ventured out of the conventional and added our own little twist. We created a first ever DJIS Reading Festival Instagram account where students of all grades are free to post and receive recommendations on the latest books; we filmed two jaw-dropping videos that included interviews on reading with our own teachers and students. We also designed an amazing dark tunnel where we played a brief recording on the timeline of literature and what to expect to of the festival , and finally we chose a select few to dress up as famous authors or book characters and introduce themselves to the audience. YES ! We had John Green, Katniss Everdeen, and even Bella and Edward signing autographs.


            Every year Dar Jana's Reading Festival is sponsored by renowned brands nationally and internationally. This year we managed to attain an impressive thirteen sponsors: Krispy Kreme, Mix FM, Caramel Jeddah , AirForce Sports Academy, Munch Bakery, Samadi Jeddah, Asnani Dental Clinic, Piece of Cake, Noble Stationery, Zodiac Cuisine, Minniee all in one, Al Etekal Company and Destination Magazine Jeddah.

            The ultimate goal of the Reading Festival is to invite non-readers into the world of reading by showing them how wonderful and thrilling picking up a book can be. We believe that our campaign for reading should not stop at Dar Jana, but should spread throughout Jeddah. We strongly exhort everyone, regardless of gender, age and occupation, to start reading; start slow and simple and gradually become an avid reader. So, how many lives do you want to live? 

Hala Bedaiwi


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