Guilt or Insanity?

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Guilt is when a person believes there is no wrong other than his own. Some people feel guilty for an atrocious action they have permitted or done; however, only a few people have a deeply buried sense of guilt for being alive or created.

Insanity lies within the guilt of doing no wrong. In a situation where guilt is resembled as arrows or knives, a specific person prefers to point them towards himself. This person might have done wrong, but then again he might be as innocent as the clueless.

With lack of concentration and lack of aim, the person shoots all the arrows at his own skin. Every single drop of blood is treasured deep inside his brain. When the time is right, a new creature of grudge is built inside him. It destroys every cell of chastity and purity the true person once owned.

Self-flagellation becomes insanity. This is when self-revenge is achieved, but who said revenge heals guilt scars?

Lujain Taleb

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