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Probably one of the greatest characteristics of mankind is oblivion. We know very little of this labyrinth we are born into. We are like little rats scurrying around, trying to find an exit, not knowing when we will meet a dead end. We live as if we know everything, when in reality we only understand what our eyes can see and our hands can touch; anything further is beyond our scope of perception. How many days do we have to live? How many days did we have to start with? What came first, the chicken or the egg? These are all questions that we and the generation before us gave extreme thought to. Yet, these questions will remain unanswered. We do not and never will know how many days we have left to live or whether the chicken came before the egg. However, what we have always known the answer to is this: If you knew how many days you have left, would you live the same way? Go ahead and take a moment to formulate your response.


If you said no, then kudos to you for being honest. If you said yes, then think again. We live life thinking that we have all the time in the world. We come up with ideas and plans for the coming weeks, months, and even years, in spite of us not knowing what will happen an hour from now. We are unconscious of what will take place at any time other than the present, so we, to a certain extent, live a peaceful life. We try to accomplish as much as we can in whatever time frame we are given. However, if we were to wake up one day with a set number of hours left, we will spend our ultimate minutes suspended in the cloud of our thoughts. We will live in a mental rush trying to redraft our final moments and amending our mistakes.

We need to learn to live our lives with an unsettling exuberance. We all know that our time is limited, but the smart ones are those who use this fact to their benefit. We should not live life in the shadows, afraid to take risks and make mistakes. We are fallible creatures who are subject to making the most foolish of slip-ups, but such mistakes should not hamper our zest. We should live a life that is- as motivational speaker Les Brown puts it- "filled with a sense of urgency so not a minute is wasted." 

Hala Bedaiwi


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