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This year's Jeddah Knowledge School's Model United Nations was quite the experience. In this three day conference, the six Dar Jana participants, along with around two-hundred and fifty other students, represented delegates from different countries in a stimulation for an actual United Nations conference. The delegates debated issues being tackled in real life and came up with passing/accepted resolutions to these problems. MUN requires strong speakers who had a fight in them, and our students were more than prepared.

In the beginning, the scene was a little bit intimidating; delegates were not allowed to use personal pronouns and had to only speak in third-person point of view. Most of the other participants seemed to have joined MUN at least once before. But although this was the girls' first conference, the delegates debated with a passionate fire in their eyes, determined to prove that they were not to be belittled.

It didn't take them too long to adjust to the rhythm of the conference. After the delegates were moved into their separate committees, the delegations formed allies and discussed their countries points of views. The work back home was no less than that at the conference; the girls pulled all-nighters trying to craft fool-proof resolutions. The resolutions were presented on the following days, and even though they needed some amendments, most of them passed.

 Of the six Dar Jana International School representatives, two were awarded Best Delegate nomination, and the other four achieved high acknowledgements too. MUN opened the students' eyes to worldwide issues and helped them further understand the global balance that is helping our world thrive. It also added to their speaking and debating skills, critical and analytical thinking, and professional appreciation.

On that note, Dar Jana International School is really excited to announce its first-ever Model United Nations (DJISMUN) to ensure that its highly acclaimed students would enjoy the multiple perks of the MUN. We believe that the students have more than what it takes to shine, and will surely gain a lot from DJISMUN's intellectual and academic benefits. And if the MUN spirit is greeted with more enthusiasm for Dar Jana's students, then maybe, in the near future, our students would participate in international conferences and debates.

Aya Adel

12 Blue

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