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The Technological Apocalypse

There are too many things in this world that are unsatisfying. Too many people are unsatisfied. It takes a person to be able to look at things in a way that makes the truth vivid enough, to realize how corrupted the world we live in is. You may not find many people of the latest generations aware of this issue, but if you talk about it with most of the old people who've been around for a while, you will hear the disappointment and dissatisfaction in their voices. The truth is not precisely that we live in a corrupted world, but instead that we are corrupted people. Corruption is not necessarily how they explained it to us, as corruption of economy or decline of a nation. Corruption may also exist in minds of people.

The world we live in is basically run and utilized by technology. We are but a bunch of living robots who rarely ever use their brains to comprehend things, or grasp any new ideas. Even though most things cannot be reached or comprehended without the help of internet, but it irritates me when I try to understand something and someone goes like, "just Google it girl!". I don't want to 'Google it girl', and I don't always want to take the easy way out. Sometimes it's better to just try to evaluate things on your own, instead of to narrow your mind and focus your thoughts onto a direct and easy answer to all of your questions.

Not only did technology help people take the easy way out, but it also split people apart. There is no image as unpleasant as that of a family sitting together on a weekend, with every member using his/her phone. I still remember when I was a kid, and our family gatherings were what I waited all week for. There was a strong bond of love and unity that nothing was ever able to break. There were these loud laughs and side conversations. I still remember how my mother used to yell at me if I broke something while running around the house with my brother. I still remember the way my dad would make us laugh our hearts out, and teach us that life shouldn't always be taken seriously. I remember everything we used to do in our weekend family gatherings. And it hurts more than anything else to see how technology is actually one of the main reasons we lost interest in each other. 

Technology made everything in the world lose its taste. Most of my friends do not actually enjoy any of the moments in their lives, but instead enjoy sharing them with others. I mean, we're not interested in your Starbucks cup or your new nail polish. These stupid matters became a basic part of our lives as teenagers. Rarely do we ever enjoy anything. Even our hangouts turned into "#ladiesnightout", where in fact, the "ladies" were using their phones all of the time. Technology drove us to consider impressing others a priority, while it shouldn't be.

Everything lost its taste because of how life became much easier. It's not that we only take the easy way out; it's basically that there's no other way but the easy way nowadays. Every time I try to spend a little less time using my phone, and a little more time with the outside world, I don't find anyone else who's quite interested. This brings us back to the belief that we are corrupted people, with corrupted minds. The easiness of life made us all superficial, shallow, and narrow-minded. 

If people decided to use their phones only when needed, and spent more time with friends and family, by time, we will get over the need to swipe out of the real world and into the world behind our screens. There should be more face-to-face conversations than text messages. There should be less pictures, and more time spent enjoying a certain event. People should try to understand the true meaning and value of moments and things. If more people decided to enjoy every moment spent, there will be less complaints, and less people bored with their lives.



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