Foreword from the Wattpad team founders

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Hiba: When Hadeer, Sarah, and I first started the Wattpad booth for last year's Reading Festival, we did not see anything beyond the couple of days of the activity. It was as simple as that: work on preparations for a few weeks, host the activity, and that's it.

Hadeer: Not a few days after, and then BAM: we created the account @DarJanaSchool and became what we like to call "The Wattpad team," along with Asmaa, Mariam, and Yasmeen, who joined later on.


Hiba: The excitement was surging through us as we thought of ideas to fill in the empty space representing our school, as this was a great responsibility.

Hadeer: Yeah, yeah, and then we lived happily ever after. You make it sound so simple, Hiba. The truth is, dear reader, that this whole thing transformed into an actual struggle of us trying to figure out ways to use that account. We'd have to trouble our lovely supervisor, Ms. Najat, whose patience might as well have run short from all the breaks we'd bother her, in order to get permission slips signed by her so that we'd meet Ms. Shabana.

Hiba: And then there are the times when Ms. Reem would time us for visiting classes or hanging some posters in the hallways for any of the Wattpad activities. All the running got us so breathless that I didn't really need to exercise on those days.

Hadeer: We'd look bad for interrupting your teachers (we were even kicked out once), and at times we'd elicit laughter from uninterested folk. But in the end, we'd like to believe it was all worth it. Our running and heavy panting was worth it.

Because today, we proudly present to you the very first issue of Verbum!

Hadeer Leila and Hiba Shams

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