Chapter 3

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Nate's POV

" Nate, go wake Ella up," i heard Nancy shout from the kitchen. " She's following you to school today and i expect you to show her to at least the office."

" Yes, Nancy." I got up and went to Ella's room. She was sleeping peacefully. I suddenly had an idea. I moved Ella to the side of the queen-sized bed to make room for me. I got down on the bed next to Ella and pulled the covers a bit to cover myself.Ella suddenly turned and i was face-to-face with her with only a few centimetres of space between us. I stared at her rosy pink lips and unconsciously reached a hand out to stroke her face.Before i could even lay a finger on her, she sprang unto me and pinned me down. I stared at her, amazed.

" What were you trying to do?" she demanded, a hard glint in her eye.

I couldn't answer. Her close proximity dazzled me.

" Cat got your tongue pretty boy?" She head butted me, making my head ache. Before i could realize what was happening, she got up and walked to the closet in her stringy tank top and short shorts. She pulled out some clothes and walked to the bathroom.

I followed her as she walked out of the bathroom wearing clothes that screamed badass. Anna looked sympathetic when she saw Ella and me enter the kitchen. Nancy had left some bacon and eggs before she left.

" Eat up, pumpkin. You're going to need the strength." Ella just looked at me with a very stoic look, looking bored. Anna picked up her bag and pulled Ella with her to the car.

The drive to school was quiet and uneventful. I couldn't help but look at her through the mirror just before we pulled into the school parking lot. I parked the car and got out, only to be surrounded by girls. Why couldn't Ella feel the sane way about me like these girls, I thought to myself.

I detached myself from Gina, the queen bee- head cheerleader, rich, popular and also the girl I hooked up with yesterday. " Nathy," she pouted," I missed you over the weekend. Did you miss me?" These type of girls were exactly the type I hated, but I couldn't seem to be able to turn down free s*x.

I looked towards Anna and Ella, and saw Ella being checked out by nearly every guy at school. Her leather jacket and shades were on, but she had a shirt that said 'what the hell' and some black skinny jeans paired with some combat boots. I doubted Gina could pull off that look without plastic surgery, makeup and her touch of slu*iness.

Anna was walking her to the office to get her stuff.

Ella's POV

The guys in the school really were what I thought of them- testosterone fueled apes looking for sex. Ugh, just saying that made me sick. I might need to get on some people's good side to remain here at this school though.

Anna seemed nice enough, even telling me some history about my new 'family'. Apparently, Anna and Nate were like me. Nancy took them in after Anna was caught dealing with drugs and Nate beat some guy up until he needed to be hospitalised. It didn't bother me much, if they thought that that was bad they haven't seen the guys Jessie brought back sometimes.

Jessie was the infamous mafia that everyone was afraid of. He kidnapped me when i was fourteen and i hated him for that but at least that helped make me stronger.

We went into the office to get our schedules, only to be greeted by a bimbo of a secretary. She had her stripper heels on the desk and was flirting unabashedly with some guys. I cleared my throat, but she just kept batting her lashes at some blond guy. I hated these type of girls who stooped so low just to get attention. I shoved the guy aside and slammed my hand onto the table,managing to attract her attention.

"Eleanor Lee Sullivan. I need my schedule." I said. Before the guy I shoved aside could get the chance to lay his hand on my butt, I turned and flipped him, earning a groan from the unlucky guy.

"Could you make it quick?" I couldnt stand being in the same room as these guys.

After we got out, Anna showed me the way to my first class and introduced me to a petite brunette named Bree. " I gotta get to my first period so i hope you don't mind showing Ella here to her classes." Anna said apologetically.

Bree led me to the back of the class, but before i could even sit, a hand wrapped itself aound my waist and pulled me down, making me sit on someone's lap. I turned around and saw Nate grinning at me as he wrapped another hand to hug me from the back.

I had enough of his game. I grabbed some barely clothed cheerleader and replaced myself with her when Nate closed his eyes and was about to kiss him. The girl obviously was ecstatic. She was pratically eating his face up. I could feel my face mold into a smirk when i saw his reaction after he realised that I had put Ms I'm-a-slut onto his lap.

"Come on, Bree. Let's leave pretty boy here to have some fun," I said while pulling her with me to the door.

" Er... Ella? We shouldn't skip class," Bree said when we were at the door. I smiled, this girl was kinda sweet.

"That's okay, I'm already ahead of the class. You can stay if you want to," I grabbed my sketch pad and charcoals. Before I left, I glanced back and saw the cheerleader girl forcing herself on a very uncomfortable looking Nate. I stifled a laugh.

Nate's POV

How dare she leave me and shove Brittany onto me? I couldnt pry her off me, her fingers made a death trap set for any hot guy in her reach. I looked towards the door and saw Ella leave just before the teacher came in.

"Nathaniel! What are you doing? Principal's office, NOW!" she said, fuming. She was quite a young teacher and i could see the lust and jealousy in her eyes. Sigh. All girls were the same, maybe except for Ella.

I walked around school looking for Ella instead of going to the principal's office. I knew where all the security cameras were so i pulled my hoodie up and stuck to the shadows. Ella,Ella,Ella... Where are you? This was actually kind of fun, the whole Ella playing hard to get scenario.

After wandering around school for a while, I found Ella fast asleep under a willow tree at the back of the school. Her hiding place was quite good, I never would have found her if I didn't know the school as well as i did.

I pushed the draping vines and stepped into the secluded room the willow tree's leaves made. Ella's hair was splayed over her face and she was sleping on her side. I spotted a sketch pad near her hand and picked it up. When i saw the drawing, I could feel my heart breaking.

Ella was in the picture and she seemed to be waring a shredded dress that hinted its former beauty. A man, presuming the cause of her tattered dress, was advancing on her. I noticed her terrified expression and flt my blood turn cold. She wasn't just scared, she was terrified and was on the verge of insanity. I looked closely and recognised the man, it was my brother Jesse.

Just then, Ella started whimpering, showing a side of her I never knew existed. I made my way to her and cradled her in my arms. 

"No...p-please...d-don't...I-I...I'm b-begging y-you...p-please...." My heart felt like it was being squeezed. I carried her to my car and drove home. I put her on my bed but as i was about to let go of her, her grip on me tightened. I half-smiled, she seemed to want me when she was unconscious.

I gave up trying to move away and lay down next to her, managing to take my tight shirt off. I'll wake up earlier than her so she wouldnt freak out on me, I thought. I caught a silent tear that was leaking out of Ella's eye and smiled to myself. I would definitely remember this moment where I could finally hold Ella without being pushed away. I promise to you Ella, I WILL get them for you.

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