Foreword from the Wattpad team director

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"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work." - Colin Powell

From contemplation, reality......the first Wattpad senior magazine.

I am extremely proud to write this foreword for the senior Wattpad magazine as this academic year has been one of both excitement and challenge. Wattpad in DJIS was promoted during the 2014 Reading Festival by a group of avid readers who visioned to applaud reading through this platform. To expand or take it a step further, the Wattpad team deliberated to involve DJIS student body from Grades 6-12 to compose short stories, articles, poems and much more. The response was tremendous and the Wattpad magazine is a product of the labor of committed and dedicated individuals.

The Wattpad believes in " A Reading child is a successful child" as children who read regularly embark on the most monumental jaunt of all, the one that takes them deep into their own identity and imagination. This is yet another endeavor to embolden students of all levels to foster a passion for reading and bring forth their forte for craft. I would like to congratulate the entire Wattpad team for its success and wish them luck in their future ventures.

This issue is a testimony of DJIS' students dexterity and versatility - hope you savor it!

Ms.Shabana Hussain

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