Chapter 37

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(Whilst we are walking to the new house)

(Francesca's POV at the start of the apocalypse)

"Andre?" I asked. "Yeah?" Andre replied. "Can you go and ask mum if I can play out with Peck, he's coming round." I asked. "Do it yourself you lazy little girl!" Andre replied. "Mum!" I shouted. "Yeah?" She replied. "Can I go outside when Peck gets here?" I asked whilst shouting. "Okay, remember to brush your teeth!" Mum shouted back to me.

My mum was called Tiffany. I use to call her Cup Quake because I couldn't say 'cake' as a child and she made me the nicest cup cakes ever. "So is she still alive?" Alfie asked me. "I don't know, that's why I am so desperate to go back to the house, I want to see if there is a note or anything for me.

I got ready and brushed my teeth. There was a knock at the door. "Francesca, Pecks here!" Mum shouted. "I have nothing to do, can I come out with you two?" Andre asked me. "Ugh! Fine!" I replied rudely. Me and Andre ran down the stairs. I opened the door. Hi uncle Mario. (Everyone called him 'Red' but I liked the name Mario, like Marion and Luigi.) "Come in!" I invited. Peck had some bags that had his clothes for the night in. "Let me take them upstairs!" I demanded. "We'll wait outside for you!" Andre said. I went upstairs and put down his bags. After coming down the stairs I heard my mum talking. "Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby!" She said to Uncle Mario. I was shocked. "And its worked! I'm pregnant!" My mum whispered. I ran outside. "Oh my god!" I shouted. "What?" Andre asked me.

And that is when you guys found, I never managed to tell them. I wish I did though.

(Present tense)

I really hope that I will find my mum and uncle and hopefully the baby, but I know that there is a high possibility that they could be dead.

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