7: Dead Weight

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Another shot rang out, and Billy's lifeless body slumped over and fell to the ground. The twelve-year-old, Kevin, had walked over while they were wrestling and fired as soon as he had a clear shot.

Nick attempted to run away, but Kevin quickly turned around and shot him in the back. He turned back around and pointed the gun at Ben.

"Wait," said Ben, but it was too late.

Kevin pulled the trigger once again and fired a bullet directly below Ben's left eye.

It had all happened so fast. In less than three seconds, three men had been killed.

Henry stood up and looked at his son. He couldn't believe it. Kevin saved his life, but he could not feel proud of his son taking other people's lives, especially not Nick's and Ben's. It was overkill.

"Henry," the younger, eight-year-old boy called out. He had come out of the room where Maggie had been standing in the doorway but was now collapsed on the floor. The boy was kneeling and crying beside her.

"What happened?" asked Henry and walked over to them. The question answered itself when he got close enough to see the hole in Maggie's face and the blood sprayed against the door and wall. The stray shot had claimed her life at the exact moment she was trying to save another's.

Henry looked into the room and saw the little girl, Maggie's granddaughter, hiding behind a chair. She was clinging to the legs and so frightened that her entire body was shaking.

"We have to go," Henry whispered to himself, realizing how much noise they had just made. If they didn't act fast, those monsters would come to kill the rest of them. He figured they probably had less than a minute to clear out of there.

He walked to the other room where Jane was still leaning against the wall.

"Is it over?" she said.

"Yeah, but we've gotta get out of here before the runners show up or else we're gonna be in a lot more trouble." He offered her his hand. "Can you stand up?"

"Yeah," she said, taking his hand and pulling herself up.

The RV roared to life.

"Dad!" yelled Kevin.

Henry saw the RV begin to move towards the gate and smash right into it. It slowed down enough for Kevin to jump onto the back before speeding off down the road. Henry let go of Jane and ran after them. He felt his heart sink into his chest upon seeing his son diminish into the horizon.

Ignoring the pain from his right knee, Nick put his foot down heavy on the accelerator all the way down to the floor. He had another, more intense pain to focus on now emanating from the back of his right shoulder. If he could just get back to the community, they would be able to help him. Surely an RV and whatever supplies were inside would be more than enough to be allowed back. Richard would be pissed about losing Billy, but there was nothing that could be done about that now.

The RV turned sharp left and nearly crashed into a metal mailbox. With only the use of his left hand for steering and his right knee in to much pain to ease off the gas pedal, Nick was in no condition to be driving. His breathing was rapid and his heartbeat thumped like crazy. When the community gates were finally in view, he lifted his foot off the gas and felt his knee pop again, more painful than before. He gritted his teeth and forced his left foot on the brakes, but it was too late. The vehicle smashed into the metal gate, making a big gaping hole. Nick's face bashed into the steering wheel and knocked him out cold. The horn was loud and monotone, stuck from the weight of his head.

Kevin had been hanging on tight from the back upon impact, slamming his body against the rear and knocking the wind right out of him. He fell to the ground and heard several voices shouting over the blaring horn to get it turned off. He peeked his head around the side of the RV and saw a man with a large beard struggling to get another gate opened quickly. Turning his head, he then saw several of those monsters running straight in his direction. He got to his feet and ran to the side door, ignoring the men who were calling out to him, and went inside the RV.

He grabbed Nick and pulled him out of the driver's seat onto the floor. The sound of the horn was replaced by screaming coming from both sides of the RV. On one side were the people inside the community, and on the other were the approaching monsters, only seconds away from their position now.

Kevin turned the key in the ignition and heard a grating sound come from the engine. It was still running. He shifted it into reverse and slid down the seat to reach the pedals, but before he could press down on the gas, the monsters slammed against the RV and climbed on top of it to get through the hole. He slid all the way down so as not to be seen.

The sound of screaming was then overshadowed by that of gunfire. Not wanting to stick around and become part of the action, Kevin pressed down on the accelerator with his foot and pushed himself back up on the steering wheel. He held it down until the RV crashed into a building from behind.

Through the windshield, he saw a man in a studded-leather jacket running towards him. He shifted back to drive, turned the steering wheel all the way to the left, and pushed down again on the gas pedal. The car shot forward, but the man had already crashed through the side door and into the RV. Kevin reached for his gun and pulled it out but was too slow. The man snatched it away from him and pointed it straight at his head.

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