Iruka ---/ (Lemon) Make it quick

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Name: Tama

Age: 26

Crush: Iruka

Looks: (Side)

. . . . . .

Tama’s pov.

“Okay Class so that’s how you make a homemade bomb, out of just house hold thing” I smiled to my class as they finished off there notes and things.

I’m a teacher in the academy yes, but I teach Chunin and Jounin that want to learn things like how to make bombs from house hold items and medical Jutsu and things like that. There are after school class to. This class I have at the minute is just a morning class. Well morning till lunchtime and it was almost lunchtime.

“Okay once you have finished your notes you may leave.” I told them all. “Anyone have any questions come see me before you leave.” I added. I sat down at my desk, Chubby, my pet frog jumped off my shoulder and onto desk. I stocked him a bit as someone walked up to my desk. It was Kotetsu and Izumo. They often stayed for a class now and then.

“What can I help you guys with?” I asked.

“If I use ninja wire, instead of the wire from a bra or something will it still work?” Kotetsu asked.

“Yes” I nodded.

“That’s it then” Izumo said.

“See you guys round” I waved to them as they were the last to leave the class room. I stood and Chuddy jumped back onto my shoulder. I grabbed the board rubber and walked over to the black board and started to rub the work off.

Once I was done with that, I pick up my books and headed to the staff room. As I passed Iruka’s room I noticed he was sat on his own marking some work. That man work too hard. That man is also the love of my life. I wish I could just tell him. I smiled and knocked on the door.

“What do you think Chubby should I tell him?” I asked my little froggy. She crocked telling me yes. “Thanks” I muttered. The door to the class room opened and Iruka smiled at me.

“Hello Tama, can I help you with something?” Iruka asked.

“Just thought you could use a hand marking and someone to keep you company if your paling to stay here on your own all lunch and not in the staff room” I said.

“Sure” he said holding the door open from me. He walked over and sat back at his desk. I grabbed a seat and put it at the end of his desk and sat. I grabbed some work and started going throw it all. That was till Chubby started telling me to talk to Iruka, tell him I was in love this him, to kiss him, to do the naughty this him.

“Chubby” I shouted at the last thing I said.

“What?” Iruka asked looking at the frog on my shoulder.

“She was saying some naughty things is all” I muttered.

“Fine so shut up” I shouted at her. “Iruka?” I asked looking over to him.

“Hum? Yeah?” he asked looking over to me.

“I have something to tell you” I said getting nervosa.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Umm well I really like you Iruka. You’re the best thing in my life, well you and Chuddy. I love you so much Iruka. I have for so god danm long. I really just needed to tell you that is all” I said looking down a blush on my cheeks.

“You love me?” he asked. I glanced up and nodded. He was blushing to.

“I… I love you to Tama” Iruka said.

“R-really?” I asked. He said nothing just stood and grabbed my hand pulling me up. I wrapped an arm round my waist and pushed his lips to mine. He ran his tong over my bottom lips begging to come in. I slowly parted my lips and his tong shoot in and roamed round. I wrapped my arms round his neck as Chubby jumped off my shoulder.

I slowly back him up till his back hit the black bored behind him. I pressed my body to his. I’ve wanted him for so long. I could feel his bulge in his pants throbbing. He heat from our body was amazing. I reached up and un tied his headband letting it fall from his forehead to the floor with a clanging sound. Next to go was the hairband witch I pulled out and dripped to the floor.

He un tied my headband from round my wait and let that too drop to the floor with a clanging sound. He reached up and slipped my sleeve off my right shoulder as he stopped kissing me and attached my neck. I hummed softly as he kissed down my neck over my right shoulder and back up. As he did the same to my other shoulder I pulled the zip to his flask jacked down and pushed it off his shoulder. It fell to the floor with a soft thud.

He pulled away and I attached his Adam’s apple, I sucked and nibbled at hit as he moaned softly. He grabbed the sleeves to my all in one and pulled then off my arms and left my outfit hanging round my wait. Leaving my top half in only a bra and necklace. I smirked as I mover to his neck and started sucked, I know I was going to leave a love bit, like I gave a danm right now. I moved back to his face and kissed along the scar on his nose before peeking the end of his nose then kissed him again.

This time I pushed my tong into his mouth and roomed round every inch of his mouth. I was loving every second of this. This was the best thing in the world. I pulled away and puled at his shirt trying to get it off. He chuckled at me as he raised his arms to help me get it off.

I throw it to the floor and traced his abs with my fingers. They were lush. That was till the bell went, telling the children there was 20 minutes left for lunch. I huffed and undid his pains. I pulled both his paints and boxers off and went a little wide eyed at how big he was. He smiled and pushed on one sot down and panties to. We stepped out of our cloths and looked each over up and down. Iruka picked me up and kissed me. I wrapped my arms round his neck and my legs round his waist.

“Make it quick” I whispered him his ear as he sat me on the edge of the desk.

“I know” He said. I unwrapped my legs from round them and spread them wider. He positioned himself before pushing in fast. A satisfied moan slipped passed my lips. He started at a slow but steady pace but I wanted him more. Faster, deeper, harder.

“Faster” I said into his ear as I clamped my lips onto his neck and sucked. He started moving faster and faster.

“Ummm Deeper” I told him kissing along his jaw.

“Ahh ahhh” Iruka moaned tilting his head back and pumping into me deeper. “Goooooddddd!!!” He moaned.

“Harder!” I almost demanded that one. He pounded into me harder. So much harder. I moaned like there was no tomorrow. The sound of skin hitting skin and our moans where the only sound in the class room.

“I’m… going to…” I clamped my lips to him so shut up as his seed slipped itself into me as my juices flowed over his cock.

“That was amazing” I told him as he pulled away.

“I… know” he panted. After catching are breath for a few minutes we rushed to get dressed. Just as Iruka had put his hair back up and I had tied my headband round my waist the door opened and in rolled his class. I kissed his cheek and picked up my books that Chuddy was asleep on and walked out the class room.

“Meet you at the end of the day” I said before slipping out the class room.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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