Iruka ---/ (Lemon) Make it quick

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AN: Sorry I took so long but here it is hope you like.


Name: Tama

Age: 26

Crush: Iruka

Looks: (Side)

. . . . . .

Tama’s pov.

“Okay Class so that’s how you make a homemade bomb, out of just house hold thing” I smiled to my class as they finished off there notes and things.

I’m a teacher in the academy yes, but I teach Chunin and Jounin that want to learn things like how to make bombs from house hold items and medical Jutsu and things like that. There are after school class to. This class I have at the minute is just a morning class. Well morning till lunchtime and it was almost lunchtime.

“Okay once you have finished your notes you may leave.” I told them all. “Anyone have any questions come see me before you leave.” I added. I sat down at my desk, Chubby, my pet frog jumped off my shoulder and onto desk. I stocked him a bit as someone walked up to my desk. It was Kotetsu and Izumo. They often stayed for a class now and then.

“What can I help you guys with?” I asked.

“If I use ninja wire, instead of the wire from a bra or something will it still work?” Kotetsu asked.

“Yes” I nodded.

“That’s it then” Izumo said.

“See you guys round” I waved to them as they were the last to leave the class room. I stood and Chuddy jumped back onto my shoulder. I grabbed the board rubber and walked over to the black board and started to rub the work off.

Once I was done with that, I pick up my books and headed to the staff room. As I passed Iruka’s room I noticed he was sat on his own marking some work. That man work too hard. That man is also the love of my life. I wish I could just tell him. I smiled and knocked on the door.

“What do you think Chubby should I tell him?” I asked my little froggy. She crocked telling me yes. “Thanks” I muttered. The door to the class room opened and Iruka smiled at me.

“Hello Tama, can I help you with something?” Iruka asked.

“Just thought you could use a hand marking and someone to keep you company if your paling to stay here on your own all lunch and not in the staff room” I said.

“Sure” he said holding the door open from me. He walked over and sat back at his desk. I grabbed a seat and put it at the end of his desk and sat. I grabbed some work and started going throw it all. That was till Chubby started telling me to talk to Iruka, tell him I was in love this him, to kiss him, to do the naughty this him.

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