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    Where am I? Why is it pitch black, here? What's going on? I can't see anything....

    My body felt....cold. Numb. I couldn't move my body! I felt a stinging pain all around my entire body,

    ....Everything hurt's.

    I kept calling out, in hopes someone would hear me. And tell me where I am. But, no one was here. I was all alone.

    I can't recall anything. Barely even remember, anything.

    Only thing that I can remember is....being alone with him, there. Just him and I.

    He hurt me.

2 weeks after the disappearance.

    It has now been exactly two weeks after the disappearance of Billy Showalter. Three kids have gone missing, now.

    After the disappearance of Billy, parents started being more cautious about their kids safety. But, that was only a couple of parents.

    Most parent's don't really care. Some still let their kid's walk out, all alone. Unsupervised.

    Not thinking that maybe their kids could be next.

    As for the cop's....they haven't been doing much. Just putting up missing posters, and that's it.

    No one cares. No one cares at all!

As long as it doesn't benefit them, everyone could care less.

    Everything's different, now. All people talk about at school, is about the missing kid's.

Missing kid poster's, everywhere.

    People now also came up with a nickname, for the abductor that's taking these kids. Everyone now calls them 'The Grabber.'.

    Waking up, slowly, I open my eyes. Sitting up, I look around. Confused. Where am I?

    My vision was blurry. Making it kinda hard to see where I am. But I could see perfectly to know that I wasn't at home.

    I was somewhere else. I was in a....basement??

    My thoughts were than interrupted when I heard people talking. Or- more like....a kid, crying. And a man, yelling?

    Getting up, I walk towards the closed door that was door. Leaning against it, in order to hear what was going on.


    My whole body gets cold. I heard spanking, and the cries were much louder. The cries were of a kid, saying to stop. Repeatedly.

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