Bonus Chapter: Miracle (Part 1)

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this special chapter is set three years after the epilogue of Lingering Sins. take your sweet time, as this chapter is 13k words long. don't forget to share this with someone who would be interested to read and may not have the book in their library curently. i'd appreciate the help. let me know what you think 💞

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a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency

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"I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

Surely I've heard it wrong. It can't be. It wasn't possible. We'd been careful this time. More than careful, even.

I would've dismissed Dr. Zika's words as figments of my imagination had my mother-in-law, Cressida, not gasped and choked on an obvious sob upon hearing them. My heart started to thunder in my chest restlessly when Dr. Zika gave me a warm smile in return to my question.

"You're pregnant, Luna," she said. "Congratulations."

Tears sprung to my eyes as my lungs started to collapse into themselves. Cressida gripped my hand and kissed it, also rubbing my back as I started to choke on my sobs now.

"We were so careful!" I cried, my voice breaking. "I never forgot my pills this time and Arsen—"

I stopped talking as visions and blurry images from a drunk night about a month ago invaded my brain. Arsen and I, in our bed, drunk and too busy in trying to fully utilize the rare opportunity of not having Marcus in the house, because he was visiting his grandparents.

The images morphed into hazy words and Arsen's moans in my ears, his body over mine. I thought we didn't do anything... but clearly, we had sex in our sleepy and inebriated state. Unprotected sex.

That marks the second time Arsen Sanders has managed to get me pregnant despite me being on birth control religiously.


I focused on Dr. Zika's face, blinking back the heavy tears. "I can't..." I sobbed, feeling my ribs pierce into my lungs with every breath that escaped me. "I can't carry a full term pregnancy. You know... you know it. You've read the reports."

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