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Archangel Camael was the angel of Divine Justice and Love, and he was very powerful. It was his job to take the souls of the dead and tojudge whether or not they deserved to go to Heaven, Hell, or Limbo – the in between – embracing them lovingly in his warmth if he found their soul was filled with enough good. Nothing had ever swayed him against God; he was as loyal as he was supposed to be for a very long time. Camael pitied many of the Fallen, those who had gone against God's will, especially those who had become – what was the word – Infatuated with a human.

In Heaven, which in truth looks nothing like one would imagine it to be, there are no fluffy clouds to walk upon, no big pearly gates in which you have to walk through to enter. It is simply a different realm, just between earth and space that essentially looks like nothing human eyes could possibly comprehend. Everything is made out of light. Unless you are an angel, or one of the dead, you could not possibly see what it looks like; which is to say, to the angels and the dead, it appears as just another layer on top of Earth that, kind of, resembles it in the way nearly identical fraternal twins resemble each other. Close, but not quite. The best way to describe it is a perpetual wilderness that is much closer to space. The angels appear human enough to each other, though surrounded in soft coloured glow with large wings, but to the floating human souls that are all around the same wispy off-white colour, they appear as magnificent beings made up entirely of different coloured light. This light they give off is called their Glory, and even the Fallen still retain their glow. Camael's Glory was among the brightest and the most beautiful in Heaven, and his was deep blue tinged with white.

And so, Camael pitied the ones who had fallen in love with a human soul, because didn't they know that their so called love would die? It was pathetic! Love with an expiration date made no sense to him, and what was there to even that strange way? Humans were awkward, clumsy beings – even the most graceful of them, and they were always constantly at war with each other, or the environment, or something. Sure he loved them as a protector and caregiver should, but to feel more love for a human than for God himself? Well he found that quite ridiculous, really.

But things can and will change, given the opportunity.

It was a slow transformation, his dance around falling completely and hopelessly in love. One day, as he was looking upon the Earthly realm as per usual, he came across a small village of farmers where a little girl had just been born.

Normally that wouldn't be such a cause for concern, but something about this birth made him curious enough to pay close attention to this girl born into a poor Irish village.

This little girl's soul was the brightest, most pure soul that had ever graced the earth and he found her so very beautiful that it actually...he didn't have the word for what he felt, for it was something he'd never experienced.

Only later, did he realize that the word was hurt.

Of course he was not the only angel and celestial being to notice. Her soul caught the attention of his fellow angels in Heaven and even those banished to Earth. Even some of the local Faen, who were governed by some of the lesser Gods and Goddesses – who had  indeed also noticed – that lived in the forest near her village could feel that there was something important going on with this girl.

Try as he might to resist the pull he felt, Camael fell deeper and deeper in love with the girl the more he watched her. Day in and day out, he celebrated her small achievements, like when she spoke her first word at the age of exactly one year and seven months, or when she helped feed one of the boys in her village despite that that meant her going without food instead, though she didn't mind.

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