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{ Chapter 33. }


* * * *

   Waiting patiently for Robin to arrive, I hear footsteps.

    Looking to the side, I see Finney and Gwen!

   Smiling, I get up.

   "Morning, you two!" I say, waving. Gwen smiles,

   "Morning, kid!" Gwen say's.

    "Morning, Y/N. Waiting for Robin, I assume??" Finn questions, smiling. Nodding, I say

       "Ya, I am! Why?"

    "Well, I was wondering if Gwen and I can walk with you two? If that's alright with you, of course." Finn say's, looking down.

    "Ya, sure! I don't mind." I reply. Finney nods.

    Hearing the doorbell ring, I turn around.

    "Robins here! Let's go!!" All three of us quickly walk out, with our bags.

       "Hey, you guy's! Tagging along??" Robin say's, looking at the two.

       "Ya! Hope that's not a problem." I say, shrugging.

       "I see. Ya, no problem at all!" Robin reply's, smiling. We all started to make our way to school, chatting.

    "Anything new happen?" Robin ask's. Trying to spark up a conversation. Finney nods,

    "Not really. Y/N just hung out with her 'little friend', once again. Like always." Finn laughs. Causing me to look, and glare at him.

   Forcing a smile, I say

    "Yaa....hey, Robin! Wanna know what I say in Finney's little diary?? It's about his crush, Donna~!" Finns eyes widen.

   "Wait- how'd you know about my- Y/N!! DON'T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING!!" Finn begs, worried.

       Letting out a loud laugh, I stick my tongue out.

In Class! 🏫

       Playing with my pencil. I continued staring at the clock. Waiting for class to end! My legs, bouncing.

    Just a couple more minutes till class ends! Just a couple more-

     "Hey, you alright? What're you so shaky for??" I hear Finn say. Causing me to get out of my thoughts.

    Looking at him, I say

    "Sorry....it's just....I'm going to be heading off to the police station, again. Later, today. Just anxious on telling them on some clues that I noticed. Scared that they don't take me seriously, about the missing kid's...." Finn raises his brows,

    "You still on and on about the missing kid's case? Don't you realize how long they've been gone, by now? They're probably not even alive, anymore...." Finn say's, shrugging.

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