01 || First Night [Rewritten]

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"Khushali beta, just slightly push this Kalash with your right leg," said Aarti, Sidharth's mother and now Khushali's mother-in-law, with the women brigade of their clan standing beside her. All their eyes were on her; some kind and some judgemental. She dared not to look at anyone of them, but unfortunately she could only look at the floor. Perhaps, glancing at her newly wedded husband wasn't the best option either for her when some ladies were already ready to pounce at her ... with their eyes.

It was Khushali's welcome ceremony, and Khushali already felt awkward.

She gave her mother-in-law a small nod and did as Aarti instructed. She kept her eyes only on her feet, trying her best to not catch a resentful look in anyone's eyes for herself or hear their vicious whispering. She had had enough of it during the course of the wedding. Well, not many took sensibly of her past with Sagar and the fact that Sidharth was marrying her despite knowing everything. Though, Sidharth had just shrugged his shoulders when she had confided in him about this.

"We can't and shouldn't waste our time on such useless things. Time is precious, it should be spend it wisely." was all he had told her during one of their wedding functions. It had left her slightly baffled, because her then to-be husband was more concerned about getting himself a couple Gulab Jamun than what people were gossiping about his to-be wife.

They were friends, long before the idea of getting married to each other ever struck them. Certainly, because their elder siblings were married to each other. Meher, Khushali's elder sister had married Aditya, Sidharth's elder brother some seven years back, and that's how long Sidharth and Khushali had been friends for.
However, it was uneasy for her. He was no longer her friend with whom she used to share a laugh over some inside family jokes. He was her husband now, her legally wedded husnand, whom she was expected to give her Sagar's place to.
But it's easier said than done, she sighed and clutched onto her heavily embroidered skirt.

She was in her husba—their room, for...well, their first night. And she was nervous, more because of the decorations. Like straight out of a Bollywood romantic movie, the room was decorated in a typical nuptial night manner. There were petals of red roses spread on the bed, which made the bedroom have a very sweet fragrance. The room was lit by candles that only gave a highly romantic and cosy aura to the entire first night setting.

Why are first nights such big deal? Can't the room be left normal? But Khushali knew it was next to impossible for the families of newly weds to understand. Or maybe couples do like this setting.

It made her feel suffocated. She wasn't a romantic. Ever. In her previous and only relationship before this marriage, Sagar was the romantic one. She was always the unromantic or what she liked to call herself realistic romantic. She could never understand the hype behind putting love on display, when it could be intimately shared between two people. That's what she had always tried to make Sagar understand, but he never really cared to even listen.
Because listening to a romantic song was always a better option for him.

But it made her sad, to think about Sagar. It wasn't right, it made her upset. So she looked around the blue walled bedroom to distract herself. She began to observe this bedroom, where she'd be spending almost the remaining of her life...with Sidharth Mehra.

This was the first time she had entered this room which was now hers as well. There was a warm ambiance to this bedroom, which sans the entire nuptial night setting
There were multiple framed photographs hanging on the navy blue patterned walls, a big wooden wardrobe closet perpendicular to the bathroom door, mirror and dressers kept beside the wardrobe closet. A recliner was kept near the TV to which a DVD system and PS3 gaming consoles were attached, and there was a balcony attached to the room with french glass doors. There was also a bookshelf, which had many books stacked in a very organised manner, which instantly had Khushali's caught attention, her being a bibliophile.
The room was very spacious and had an elegance to it, much to impress her.
Sidharth has quite a taste— her musing stopped the second she heard the door click. An unknown fear gripped her heart. What if he....

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