House hunt

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I walked into the house and I could hear Royalty saying next after every five seconds

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I walked into the house and I could hear Royalty saying next after every five seconds.

“What about this one?”

“My husband will need space for him work. This office is a bit small and ugly,” Royalty said and I smiled.

I shoved my hands into my pocket and watched her. 

“Oh my good these tiles are hideous,” she said and I raised an eyebrow.

What is she up to?

“Next,” she said before walking towards me.

She had on VR set as she walked around the room.

“Do you like the kitchen Mr DeLuca?”

“It's a little bit out dated,” Royalty answered.

“Next,” she said before waving her hand infront of my face.

I took her wrists and wrapped my other hand around my waist.

“Baby what are you doing?” I whispered into her ear.

“Looking for a house,” she answered with moving her head.

“These chandeliers are too big. Next,” she said

“I thought we were going to go out together and do that,” I said as I released her.

She almost walked into the table and I grabbed her wrist.

“Careful,” I said and she nod.

“Personally going out to house shop is a bit out dated baby plus we're too busy for that,” she said and I took off the set after she said next.

She smiled at me and placed a kiss on her forehead. I fixed her hair before looking into her eyes as I talked

“We agreed to go house shopping today which is why we took the day off,” I said

“And we will. There's a headset for you too,”

“Not like this Royalty,” I said

“Then how?”

“I want to go out and house shop whether it's out dated or whatever,” I added and she nod.

”Bianca pack it up,” she said and the woman got up.

“Yes Regina,”

I gave the VR set to the woman and she soon walked out of the room.

Royalty walked to the couch and grabbed her phone. She made a call and I placed my hands into my pocket.

“I’m having someone line up some places were can go to,” she said and I nod.

I pulled out a pack of cigarettes and placed one of it's bud between my lips.

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