Mrs Valentino-DeLuca

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"Knock knock,"

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"Knock knock,"


I opened my eyes and the door knob started twisting.

"I hope our bride is already awake,"

"Fuck," I whispered.

I removed Royalty's hand from my body and got out of the bed but fell on the ground.

I removed the sheet from my ankle and quickly went under the bed after grabbing my clothes.

"Royalty sweetheart," I heard mom's voice.

If they catch me here they'll probably kill me then cancel the wedding.

"It's time to walk up my beauty," I heard Giovanna's voice

"Mom, Lydia," Royalty said in a sleep tone.

"I can smell the rat under the bed," mom said and I cursed under my breath.

She can smell me

That's just hurtful mom

"Is he gonna come out or should I get him,"

"No I'm good," I said before my underwear was thrown under the bed.

I removed my hands from his dick and grabbed the underwear.

I placed it on and got out. I kept my lower half under the bed and looked up at our beautiful mothers.

"Hey mom, Giovanna," I said and they folded their arms.

I lowered my eyes and looked at Royalty. "Say something," she mouthed.

"I forgot about the tradition of staying away from the bride and I'm sorry," I said and they raised their brows at me.

"I wanted to see her plus you know about my nightmare. I don't get them when I sleep with her and you wouldn't want your son or son to be, to have nightmares the night before his wedding right," I said and their eyes softened.

"Okay fine I'm letting you off the hook since Valerio and I didn't listen either and because of your nightmare," mom said and I looked back at Royalty.

"We're giving you five minutes to leave," Giovanna said

"Ten," I said and they looked at each other before looking back at me

"Four," they said and I frown.

"Nine," I said


"Ok five," I stated


"Fine," I said and they smirked at each other then left

I got up and grabbed my clothes. I placed them on and Royalty dropped the sheets from her breasts.

My eyes locked on to them and I lost focus on what I was doing. I swear that everytime I see them or her naked body it always feels like the first time seeing them.

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