pt 44.

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| 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚑𝚜 𝙻𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚛 |


Serena stood up from the bleachers seeing her brother catch the ball flying through the field past everybody.

"Yesss baby you better run that ball" she yelled hearing other parents cheering.

He made it to the line dropping the ball fake falling out of tiredness getting laughs from people.

"He's the little star player on the team he's adorable" a women spoke with a smile.

"He just got on this team girl bye" another scuffed catching Serena's attention.

"Is there a problem?" Serena asked sizing her.

"NoPe" she answered popping the 'P' rolling her eyes.

"Oh okay" Serena stated rolling her eyes.

She couldn't have one game where someone wasnt hating on her or her brother it was ridiculous to her.

Semaj came running towards the sideline approaching his sister with a huge smile on his side.

"Hey handsome, you want some Gatorade? they're real cold" she asked as he nodded quickly.

"They don't have no water for y'all at all its the 3rd damn quarter this is ridiculous" she shook her hand giving him the Gatorade.

"Somebody couldn't afford it and nobody wanted to volunteer to buy stuff so I don't know" he shrugged handing it back.

"Well that's on them you do good okay make me proud" she smiled as they did their hand shake.


Nadia smiled seeing her 6 month old crawling around in his toy area giggling to himself.

"Tinka!" She squealed catching his attention as he quickly stood up falling back down.

"Its okay you'll get it" she shook her head picking him up.

"Dadadada" he babbled playing with his fingers.

"Daddy's not here right now tink but mommy's here can you say momma?" She asked walking into the kitchen.

"Dadaa!" he nodded with a smile showing his small  teeth.

"Mmtch whatever" she rolled her eyes putting him into his high chair.

"So we're either eating yogurt, some puff cereal, or oatmeal" she spoke showing him the 3 items.

His hand moved up pointing to the puffs excitedly.

The Banana Puffs were his favorite she never understood why but she liked strawberry better she would even eat them with him sometimes her fiance of course thought it was weird.

She opened the new one pouring it into a small bowl before putting it onto his stand watching him take a handful.

"Well damn" she mumbled watching him eat.

The front door opened leading her attention directly to the door seeing Dominic all quiet.

"What's wrong?" She asked looking at him funny while wiping the counters down.

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