"If yes, then why? Is there something wrong with the fact that I like her?"

Jin Hee turned and stared at Kai with widened eye. Kai and Luhan stared at each other until Kai was trying to pull Jin Hee away, but Luhan grabbed Jin Hee's right hand and pulled it too as he said, "Jin Hee must be here with me." "Aw!" Jin Hee groaned. Luhan and Kai happened to pull Jin Hee towards a different direction, as Jin Hee shouted, "Y-Yah! STOP!"Jin Hee yanked her hands away from Luhan and Kai's grip. "What's wrong with you guys?! Are you guys crazy?!" Jin Hee managed her breath then turned to Luhan. "You!" She shouted as she pointed at Luhan. "If I say "I'm not jelaous" then I'm not! Don't you understand?!" Luhan kept shut and looks away. Jin Hee then turned to Kai, "Kai, sorry, I hope you don't really mean it when you said you like me." Kai stared at Jin Hee for a sec and looked down at his shoes. Jin Hee turned to Luhan again, "You, you better go back with Jessica," she turned to Kai again, "And you, Kai, you better made up with Yoon Mi. Because Yoon Mi loves you so much." With that, Jin Hee took a last glance at Luhan and proceed to walk away.


Yoon Mi was trying and practicing to walk in the hospital's corridor, accompanied with her mom. She was trying hard, until she almost fell to the floor if her mother didn't got her. "Omo dear, dear... be careful-" "Just cut it out, mom. You don't have to hold me anymore, I could do it myself." With that, her mom released her grip on Yoon Mi's arm. Yoon Mi continued to walk with her crutch. "Yes I knew it dear, but don't try to hard, you just started practicing today-" "I could do it, Mom!" she yelled and turned to her mom with a pissed face. "Yoon Mi. What's wrong with you? You've never been so rude to mom like this." Yoon Mi rolled her eyes, "So, how should I act? Smile? Laugh? Pretend everything is alright?! Everything is not alright eomma, I couldn't dance anymore! And now, Look! Even walking is so hard for me!" "Yes, I understand it, but you must be patient-" her mom's words are cutted because Yoon Mi's doctor came up to them. "Good evening Yoon Mi," he said in a sweet voice. Yoon Mi's mom smiled at the doctor while Yoon Mi just faked a smile. "Practicing for walk?" he asked as he smiled back. "Yes, doc." Yoon Mi's mom said without removing that sweet smile of her. "So there's a good news for Yoon Mi; starting from tommorow, Yoon Mi could go home." Yoon Mi's mom smile was brighten up, "Omona, Thank you doc." she bowed while Yoon Mi just stared at the floor, still pissed. "But, don't forget to bring Yoon Mi here once a week for controling." "Okay. Thanks Doctor Lee." her mom bowed again. "Now excuse me." Doctor Lee smiled before walking away. "Look, what did I told you. You just have to be patient. Tomorrow, you could go back home, and you can start lecturing again." her mom smiled. Yoon Mi sighed, "But how can I go to campus? How can I go to campus with these godforsaken crutchs?! I don't want it!" Yoon Mi shaked her head then continued practicing.

15 mins later

"Yup, 1 step away and-" when Yoon Mi was about to took the last step; meaning that she successed walking around the hospital's corridor; she fell down. "Omona, Yoon Mi!" her mom quickly walked towards her and squated in front of her, "Yoon Mi, gwaenchana?" her mother was shocked when Yoon Mi lift up her head as she sobbed. She quickly grabbed one of her crutch and throw it away. "THIS GODFORSAKEN CRUTCH!" she quickly grabbed the other one and throwed it again. "DOESN'T HELP ANYTHING! USELESS!" "Yoon Mi don't, don't-" her mom was trying to hold her hands as she kept on throwing her crutch. "I HATE IT!!" "No Yoon Mi... You could still walk, you just have to be patient until ur recovered," her mom comforted her as she hold back her tears.

Suddenly, Kai came up to them with a basket of fruit and flowers inside it. He quickly came up to Yoon Mi as her mom released her hands on her. Kai stared at Yoon Mi for a sec, but Yoon Mi looked away. Kai squated in front of her, "Yoon Mi, even though your feet's condition is like this, doesn't mean that you couldn't walk forever, you definitely could dance again." Kai said in a calm tone. Yoon Mi stared at him, until she couldn't hold her tears back as she hugged Kai and cried on his chest. Kai hugged her back as he carressed her hair, "Just cry until you felt okay." Yoon Mi pulled back as she sobbed, "After you're done with your cry, you have to be the strong Yoon Mi." Kai smiled at Yoon Mi. Yoon Mi stared at him for a sec, until she smiled back and nodded.

To be continued...


The next day, Grande University of Art's Park.

Yoon Mi was walking around the park with her crutch, until some girls came up to her; Tiffany, Sunny, and Hyoyeon. "YOON MII~~" Tiffany came up first as she hugged Yoon Mi, "How are you darling~?" "Aaaaaa~ We missed youu~" Sunny to came up second hugged Yoon Mi too. Hyoyeon smiled at them and joined the hug. "I missed you too guys~" Yoon Mi smiled. "Wow, it turns out that you didn't use wheeled shoes," Sunny said in her child-like voice as Yoon Mi chuckled. "It means that your wound is not that bad~ not that bad~" Tiffany turned to Sunny, "Wait what? Wheeled shoes? Yah, it's a wheelchair, not a wheeled shoes." They all laughed at Sunny. "Yeah, I mean wheelchair not wheeled shoes, hehehe..."

"Yoon Mi? Do you know already who's the one behind all of this?" Hyoyeon started to talk about the point. "Ahh... It's just because my scooter's brake system is broken.." Yoon Mi smiled. Hyoyeon turned shut as she glanced at Tiffany. Tiffany glanced at her back then turned towards Yoon Mi, "Yeah, that's it... How can your scooter brake system is broken? It's new, right?"

Without them knowing, Jessica was looking and listening to them from afar.

"Yoon Mi... The one behind all of this is Jessica! J-E-S-S-I-C-A!" Jessica gasped as she listened to them. "She's the one who made your scooter's brake system is broken!" Yoon Mi looked confused, and shocked at the same time. "And, Jessica was so proud of herself because she successed replacing you as the soloist, and she was not even care about you who had an accident like this." Hyoyeon added. "I have to get rid of her."

To be Continued...

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