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Thank you so much for the favorites and reads! Oh my gosh I'm internally crying from joy


Your stroll in the Gravity Falls' forests were pleasant, the chilly breeze didn't affect you much with your [or should I say Bill's—-//slapped] blazer wrapper around you, until you came across a big tree which you intended to lean your back on for a quick break.

After settling down and getting comfortable on your spot underneath the tree, your eyelids started drooping even the loud crash of a thunder that just arrived couldn't even wake you up, the world around you became a grey-scale monochrome, causing you to unexpectedly doze off.

Only to be awoken by your body's satisfied amount of sleep , you found at the same spot but without the blazer, it was only replaced by a thick fluffy blanket that was wrapped around you, you stood up and quickly wrapped it around yourself like a hood, hoping to find your way to the Mystery Shack to see Bill as quickly as you could, you sprinted, letting clouds of your breath follow your trail and holding up the bottom of the blanket so you wouldn't step on it


The wooden door creaked open as some of the familiar faces of Bill's fangirls were seen inside, they turned to face you whispering to one another and giggling, some gossiping must be going on in front of you, you sighed, and tried to look around for bill, his trial of abandoned fangirls was leading you to him, you didn't even get a chance to thank him for the Blazer or at least take a photo with him.

After hours of desperate searching for him you just sulked in the corner of the mystery shack and sighed, you crawled up to the window nearby and saw Dipper and Annie alone, with a one to three desperate fangirls angrily stalking behind them, seems like Annie won Dipper's heart, you were happy for her, as for you, well, Bill is probably hanging out with some other girls, you were awoken up by the chilly air that traveled to your skin, someone had pulled off your blanket while you were looking outside, deep in your thoughts, you quickly turned around and stood up to face a chuckling Bill.

"HAhAhHAh, What kept you unaware of the shivering cold for so long, sweet cheeks?"

You flushed at the nickname shaking your head to /try/ to keep a tough look on your face,

"Oh Bill! I was thinking about some—-"You were about to come up with an excuse but reality hit you in the face; Bill could read your mind, after all he's the master of knowledge.

"Hmm? What was that?"

"Oh I mean thanks for your Blazer, I think—-um I guess?" You swiveled your thumbs back and forth nervously with your head down trying not to expose your flush.

A warm gloved hand came intouch to the top of your head, ruffling and patting it, you were internally squealing and wanted to collapse to the ground so badly, your knees made you weak, afterall, you are a person who gets flustered really easily, you look up to see Bill with a smirk, he held out his pocket watch and removed his hand off your head, observing the second hand as it ticked, slowly people were exiting the mystery shack, replacing the visitors with pairs of people

Soos and Melody

Wendy and Some other redhead

Robbie and Tambry

Grunkle Stan and some hot old lady

Mabel and a pale looking guy

The next one was the one which made you gulp and smile

Dipper and Annie

Screaming and crying was heard outside, you glanced out the window,




A clenched white-knuckled fist came in contact with the window


One of bills fangirls screamed before fading off completely

Ouch, I guess?

Fangirls and guys were slowly fading away in distress and tears, man, you felt bad for them, the people in the shack were the ones who weren't fading away, you turned to look at the rest, Annie was winking at you and gesturing to your right, you turned your head to look at the tallest guy in the house——shack, Bill Cipher, your dream guy [Oh the pUNS], who looked slightly offended at the comment the fangirl made.

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