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It's been a month now and let's say that the grief therapist really helped us

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It's been a month now and let's say that the grief therapist really helped us. The woman who spoke to us let us in a secret that she also lost a child.

We contacted with her so well and we finally started cooping.

I'm surprised Lorenzo went through with everything. He didn't speak a lot but I knew he was healed.

We were now considering on having a baby after we get married. Our wedding is in a week and our parents are busy getting everything in order.

Today Saige and I joined Ariana at her third check up. Sawyer and Dimitri were out of the country so it was just us.

The baby was okay and very healthy.

Ariana sent the ultrasounds and video clips of the appointment to Sawyer and his reactions were so cute.

After the check up we went to a restaurant to have brunch. We just finished eating with Sawyer video called Aria.

“Hey baby mama,” he smiled at her.

“Hey,” she said with a bright smiled.

I picked up my phone and message Lorenzo.

I'll be home in about half an hour or so. Stop worrying.

If you're not home by then I'm coming to pick you guys up myself and I'm serious Eleonora.

Okay okay

I placed my phone down and drank my juice.

“How are you and the baby?" Sawyer asked.

“I feel a bit drained but other from that I'm okay and the baby is great,” she said.

“That's great baby,” he said

There's so cute

“Have you guys gotten back from the clinic as yet?” he asked

“Yeah but we're at a restaurant right now,” she answered. 

“Baby we talked about this. I don't want you out in the wide where something can happen to you and the baby,” he said.

“I know but I was hungry so-”

“Ariana there's a chef at home who can make you anything you and the baby desire,” he said and she sighed.

She looked at me and I nod.

“Get the check,” I said to one of the guard.

“Yes Regina,”

“Okay brother we're bringing her home,” I said and she pushed the phone to me.

“Baby,” he said.

She's upset now

He let out a sigh and I picked up the phone.

“Make sure she gets home safe okay sis,”

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