It time to heal our wounds

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“So we've been wanting to share something with you guys for a few weeks now,” Ariana said

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“So we've been wanting to share something with you guys for a few weeks now,” Ariana said.

“You two aren't dying right?” I asked

I mean they just got married.

“No Royalty we're perfectly fine,” Sawyer laughed.

“Okay, okay I'm just checking,” I said and Lorenzo wrapped his arms around me before placing a kiss on the side of my head. 

“Okay so the new is that I'm-”


She looked at me then Saige before looking away.

“Ah so I'm-”

“Ariana you're making us nervous,” Lydia said with a smile.

“I'm sorry," Ariana said as she played with her fingers.

“It's okay but just say it, let it out sweetheart,” mom said and we nod.

She let out a deep breath before looking at us again.

She seems scared or very nervous to tell us.

Sawyer took her hand and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“You want me to say it?" He asked.

She nod and he looked at us.

“Ariana is pregnant,” he said

“Shut the fuck up!” I said

“Royalty language,” dad said

“Sorry,” I said as mom and Lydia squeals.

“I'm sorry,” Ariana said while looking at Saige and I.

My brows drew together as I became a bit confused.

“Sorry?" I asked while walking towards her.

“I’m gonna to be hot aunt why are you sorry?” I said

“Because you two lost your child recently-”

“Hey come here. Let's not go there okay,” Saige said and she nod.

We hugged her and she hugged us back.

“Congrats sis," I said and she smiled.

“You called me sis,” she said in awe and I smiled.

“Get use to it,” I said and she hugged me again.

We went over to Sawyer and we hugged him.

“I'm gonna be a dad,” he laughed.

“You're gonna be a great one,” Saige said.

“I really hope so,” he said

“Don't worry we're all here to make sure you get the role of a great father like daddy,” I said

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