He was borrowing your laptop to respond to some tweets while you were in the shower. You had left your old Quotev open, Niall went snooping through and saw a 100 or so preferences, imagines, one shots and fanfics about him. He opened one up and it had been the only dirty one shot you had written, it was very graphic. You were drying your self off and got dressed, you came down stairs to Niall using you laptop, you remember not logging out of you old Quotev. You rushed over to see what he was reading and of course that one one shot he could never read was the one he was reading. You quickly snatch the laptop from his lap. 

"Sorry babe, you can read any other preference, fanfic, imagine or one shot just not that one." You said with a huff. 

"I didn't know that's what you liked." He replied. 

You blushed, and sat down deleting the one shot and giving the laptop back for him to read the others.


You had a Tumblr full of GIFS and pictures of the boys that you had collected over the years before you met Louis, every so often you would upload a couple of photos to keep up with the fans, but you and Louis were watching a movie when buzz from your phone came up saying that you had gotten 300 new followers, that was odd considering no one knew it was your Tumblr, you looked over to see Louis smirking. 

"What did you do?!" You asked. 

"Nothing, at all." He replied trying not to laugh. 

Another buzz more follows. 

"I like the GIF were I'm thrusting" Louis stated. 

"WHAT??" You said looking over at him. 

"Love I found you little tumblr, and tweeted about it, the fans think its cool that you still update it." He said laughing 

"Really?" You Questioned. 

"Yeah, and I think its cute." He said standing up and thrusting.


You and Liam were doing a Twitcam together. You and Liam said that you would answer any questions the fans asked truthfully. Liam bent over to look at the next question.  

"Is it true that (Y/N) had a Quotev?" Liam read out, quite intrigued 

"Yeah, I did. It was mainly preferences." You replied to the question and Liam with confidence. 

"Really (Y/N), I never thought that you would do that." Liam said a little shocked. 

Soon #Find(Y/N)QuotevAccount was trending on twitter, you kept answering questions.


Zayn had been on his phone the whole time you two had been at the park. 

"Babe whats wrong?" You asked with concern. 

"Hmm, nothing...Well its just I found something." He Stated. 

"What did you find?" You questioned. 

"Well I found your old Quotev page. Actually a fan sent m a link on twitter, I was just reading you Fanfic about me." He said. 

You went like a tomato. 

"Its fine (Y/N), a lot of fans do it." He said trying to comfort you. 

"Yeah I guess, I'm just really embarrassed. I'm sorry Zayn." You said still very red. 

"Like I said its fine." He said placing a kiss on your cheek.


You at Harry's, he was just taking a quick shower before you guys left for lunch. You saw he's laptop on the table, and started playing around with it. After waiting 10 minutes for Harry you got curious and logged in to your old Tumblr, looking through your old page laughed at a couple of photos you had posted, you didn't even hear Harry come down stairs. He was right behind you,he laughed really loudly which made you jump. You quickly shut the laptop and hit him in the arm. 

"Oh shut up Harry" You said flustered. 

"I didn't know you stalked us." He said through laughs. 

"I didn't I just had a page ok." You said trying to calm down. 

"Oh okay." He laughed out. 

He saw your face, and stopped laughing. 

"I'm sorry babe, I'm just not sure how to react, but its fine, its kinda sweet." He said softly. 

"That's ok, if I was you I guess I would have reacted the same way." You said back. 

He wrapped you in a hug. 

"You ready to go?" He asked. 

"Yep." You replied walking out of his place.

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