Chapter 1

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House of memories (Panic at the disco)

What lengths would you go to just to protect someone? Would you risk everything just to save them? even if you died?

This is my first ever book please don't steal it or bully me!!

Honestly, I'm writing this inspired by a few people! and I am adding some music I like for you guys to listen to, if you have any music suggestions I would gladly add them but nothing rude


For billions of years, I have been a provider for the inhabitants of this planet. I provide gifts of food and water, shelter, and materials for their well-being and health. But they got greedy, they began to take more than they needed. they were selfish, thinking only of themselves. and it hurts

it hurts a lot.

I care about these humans, and all they do betray me. They are oblivious about their home and go about their days happy without caring what will happen to me.

I have tried punishing them: long cold winters, sweltering summers. I even cause droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. but it's not enough. They aren't listening. The animals are dying, my lungs become intoxicated with smoke and pollution, I am covered in plastic and garbage and who knows what. I am in pain every day, and I am dying. because of them, I am dying

Sometimes they blame it on global warming, sometimes they protest.

it never works.

Sometimes they invent things that help me. it doesn't make me feel better, but it stops me from getting worse.

often I'll get a temperature, and I can't help but cause droughts, sometimes I cry, and waves as big as buildings will crash down upon the people.

I can't help it,

Im dying.



so this is my first ever book and it is based on something I wrote in class in year 3, so like I was 8 and I had 15 minutes to write it, apparently it was so good my teacher sent me to the principal and he read it and said it was amazing for someone my age?


any suggestions for songs?

make sure to tell me



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