pt 43.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


Serena scrunched her face up picking up the paper that was left on her step.

She read off the paper 'DNA Results' seeing it had La'Paris name and address on it.

She didn't want to be nosey but she wanted to see what it was so she opened it.

She looked through the paper finally reaching the bottom where it states whether he's the father or not.

He has a 99.99998% chance as his biological father.

Serena's face dropped just reading the paper he has a whole kid and he's upset about the fact that she can't have any?

She folded the paper back up putting it back into the envelope leaving it on her counter to bring back to him.

She wasn't upset, sad or disappointed she just wanted to know why he lied so much promise after promise, swear after swear just for none of it to mean nothing.

She officially done chasing after him and doing what he wanted her to do if he wanted a relationship just based off what he thought and what he wanted to hear she didn't want it he could find someone else to do that with because she wasn't having it.


Serena wiped her tears playing with the ring around her finger.

She was planning to give the ring and necklace back she just felt so dumb she honestly fell for him to hard hitting her head multiple times but shrugged it off like it was nothing for HIM, he begged for her to stay many times and made promises and swears he knew he didn't mean only hurting her. She started taking her pills again but it seemed to not work so much so she decided to start therapy in the next few weeks.

She wanted to heal and become a better person for her and her brother she wanted to do good for the both of them she'll definitely make it happen this time.


Nadia gently took her son out his carseat seeing his eyes beaming around his surroundings as her fiance took all his bags and materials the doctors gave them for his condition.

"Its okay were home see" Nadia whispered turning to the side to show him.

He stared around holding onto her and her finger as she walked up the steps.

She shook her keys around grabbing onto her house key before opening the door letting Dominic in first then she entered.

"I need to feed him and burp him so ill be in his nursery" she spoke softly.

"Mhm ill be up there inna minute" he stated peaking her lips twice.

She felt 'better' she was more calm and tried to be stress free since she didnt want to be laid up in a hospital bed every other week.

She walked upstairs heading to his nursery feeling his hand tugging on her shirt.

"You hungry fats I know hold on" she said kissing his cheek gently laying him down in his bed.

He started whining causing her to laugh a little he just wanted milk that's all.

"Calm down tinka" she said taking her shirt off grabbing her pump.

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