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Hell is empty and all the devils are here

  - William Shakespeare, The Tempest

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Death was something the veteran Boston PD Officer had become accustomed to. Having been on the job long enough, Benjamin had become detached and desensitised. What was once horrifying, was now considered routine.

This however, was far from routine - or normal.

The sound of his young trainee retching into the gutter, carried through the doorway that separated the unsuspecting outside world from the macabre scene that had played out in the abandoned warehouse.

His throat constricted, as he too, felt bile threaten to rise from his stomach. Denial screamed out of every pore in his body.

It wasn't possible!

Making a sign of the cross, Officer Perez backed out of the crime scene. He needed fresh air, and fast.

In his panic, the Officer's shoe came into contact with something soft. Shock registering as he glanced downward to discover he had inadvertently stood on the lower half of the victims arm. The remainder of the appendage lay a short distance away; flesh torn and bloodied; teethmarks - where an animal had chewed through to the bone.

Other dismembered body parts were scattered, tossed and discarded as though they were garbage.

Denial cut off every other emotion from surfacing.

It couldn't be! It wasn't!

When his eyes alighted on a small puddle a short way off, he knew no amount of wishing would make it true.

He. Was. Back.

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No one can make you inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt

I enjoy Paranormal books of all kinds and am particularly fond of shifter/werewolf stories. However, I have been disturbed by an increasing trend in this genre to portray women as victims who willingly allow themselves to be mistreated by someone who supposedly 'loves' them. They put up with not only the physical but mental abuse, and then justify it saying things like, 'but he/they loves me', 'he swore it wouldn't happen again'.

In no universe, paranormal or otherwise, is this acceptable. It never has and never will be okay to abuse a loved one – no matter what you read in 50 shades.

I wrote BURIED (and MASKED) to give readers a different choice in story. One in which women are not portrayed as the victims and made to feel inferior, but as equals. And one in which a woman can be strong without losing any of their femininity. Women don't have to be ninja warriors, soldiers or even have the ability to kick butt! We only need one thing – and that is a voice.

I hope you enjoy my different kind of werewolf story.

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But don't take my word for if, here's what some reader's had to say about BURIED:

-- GERMANSTORYTELLER - It was wonderful, made me read your other stories as well and amazes me every time. I love the way you write, I love those strong, independent and special characters, which I realy miss in most werewolf stories, and it has a unique plot. Nice work, as allways. I waited impaitient for you to update and it is kind of sad, that this story ends, but in as we say in germany "Man soll aufhören, wenn es am Schönsten ist". There couldn't have been a better time to finish this. My greetings and deepest respect.Svenja

-- DIONYSIAE - Love this story. Funny, scary, heart wrenching, fun, suspenseful and a great read. All the characters are so well drawn, I can visualize them all. I love the mix of old school and high tech detective work. I love Murphy. Even your villians are believable. Did I mention I love Murphy. A lot.

-- MOMO875 - After finding Masked, I was hooked. You did splendid on a sequel! Rarely do they hold their own. Your plot is sound and characters are indeed, very likable. In each of them, I can relate, pity, hate, adore and love them. Bravo! I enjoy your writing style, as it is easy for me to understand, while intelligent enough to hold my attention.

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