Overworking (SFW)

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Right now, your boyfriend was comforting your crying and senstive a*s.

You noticed how he was working all day without breaks and it made you really emotional.

You thought of how he was enduring all the work he was given, just to give you a decent life.

"Baby, that's what I told your parents. I told them that I'd take care of you, so I'm working." He said as he cradled you on the couch, kissing the top of your head.

"Yeah but.. y- you're not taking care of yourself! How are you supposed to take care of me, if you can't even do it to yourself?!" You sobbed as you softly hit his chest.

"Haha okay okay fine. I'll rest, and you stop crying. Is that a deal, pretty baby?" He chuckled, wiping your tears away.

"Fine. But this time, I'll take care of you." You pouted as you stood up from his lap.

"Ah ah ah. No. You sit here." He shook his head as he pulled you back down on his lap.

"You said that I should take care of myself, right? So, your butt will sit on this couch, and figure out how to stop crying, hmm?" He continued as he gently sat you down on the couch, giving you a quick kiss before going to the kitchen to get himself a snack.

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