The End.

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Alyssa yawns and stretches, sitting up in the bed. Sunlight streams through her open window as she rubs her eyes groggily, looking around the room. Suddenly, yesterday’s events hit her like a bag of bricks, and her breath catches in her throat. Wide awake now, she shoots out of bed, falling over the duvet in the process.

“Coordination comes so easily with you.” Morgan says sarcastically as she walks out of the bathroom, wearing a robe and a towel. “You know, your shower is top of the line. I can’t believe your gonna leave it….” Morgan stops suddenly and clears her throat.

“Er, I didn’t mean to bring up leaving…I mean, I know its sens-“

“Morgan, shut up.” Alyssa groans, rubbing her elbows as she stands up. “What happened last night?”

Morgan sighs and sits down on the hammock. She leans back and cracks a small smile. “Romen carried you inside. Apparently, you were having a…breakdown? A panic attack?” She stops for a moment, her eyes piercing into Alyssa’s.

“What happened to you last night?”

“Nothing.” Alyssa answers quickly. She begins to absentmindedly fix the covers on her bed. “Nothing at all.”

Morgan narrows her eyes suspiciously, then does something completely out of character.

She walks over and hugs her friend.

Alyssa stiffens. “Uhm, Morgan?” She says, trying to wriggle out of her grip.”

Morgan stands back, holding Alyssa at arms length. “Its going to be okay, ‘Lyssa. You’re going to be fine, your family will be fine…everything will be alright.”

Morgan stares at Alyssa, searching her eyes for some sort of emotion. For once, Morgan wasn’t being sarcastic. Morgan may be able to control rocks and earth, but she can’t read minds, which is what she desperately wanted be able to do in that moment. The pressure being put on Alyssa was enormous. Frankly, Morgan didn’t think she could handle it. She expects her friend to crack under it soon.

Alyssa sighs and peels Morgan’s hands off of her arms. “I’m fine. Really. I don’t know what happened last night. I’m probably just on my period.”

Morgan smiles, revealing her bright white teeth. “If you say so…” She flips her hair into a high ponytail and walks into the closet.

“So…what’s for breakfast?”

Alyssa and Morgan walk into the burning sun together,  outfitted in sunglasses, flowered sundresses, and flimsy flip flops.

Breakfast consisted of  Mr. and Mrs. Harper making cheerful conversation while Alyssa avoided their questions. Mr. Harper was oblivious to his daughter’s unnatural behavior, but Elizabeth Harper knew better. Throughout breakfast, she eyed her daughter skeptically while she ate her eggs. Something in Alyssa’s eyes told her that something was wrong. She could even feel it in her bones.

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