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Pen Your Pride

Now I'm his.

My name is Alexandra Thorn.

I was coming out of the place where I worked, I was a senior in high school, 17.I had no siblings and my parents died when I was 4 in a car accident, I was adopted by random people, but they were away most of the time. It was just me, a normal teen who tries to get by in life, focus on my studies so I can have a good job and maybe have a boyfriend who will love me.

As i was saying, i didn't have a car,well i did, but it was in the shops getting repaired. It was 10 at night a few lights were on in the street I was walking on. I walked through an alleyway, a shortcut home, my luck wasn't good as it was a cold night, it didn't get better once I saw a guy. He had a mask on his face.

I tried. to run the opposite direction, but he grabbed my arm and yanked me back. I screamed as loud as I could, but the kidnapper put his grubby hand over my mouth.

'You be quiet now darling.' He said.

He took my clothes of, more like ripped them apart, his hand was on my mouth the whole time. Tears escaped my eyes and I knew there was no escape from this. He didn't stop, even from hearing my screams, my pleading. I tried to avoid the pain, but I couldn't then I felt myself going into a deep sleep.

A slap to my face woke me up.

'Your not going to sleep on this.' He said. He sound in his late forties, I stopped my cries and pleads. He stopped himself, and I fell to the floor. Next thing I knew, he repeatedly punched my faces over and over again, but this was nothing compared to what he had just done to me.

Then I heard I heard a yell, I heard the rapists footsteps run away, as new footsteps ran to me. My eyes were drooping, I couldn't keep them open, so heavy.

'Hey you gotta stay with me.' I heard this husky voice say, my eyes opened a little more and I was looking into the eyes of a guy of my age maybe a couple of years older.

He had a strong jaw line, lips mouthing stuff I couldn't make of, looking into his eyes was like melting, he has the most innocent brown eyes, his brown kinda black hair tousled in a cute way, kinda like morning hair.

He was the last person I was going to see before I die. Hm, how some people who have had near death experiences say that their whole life passes before them, I can only think of the guy in front of me. Maybe he just has that affect on people. My eyes drooped, then I felt something against my lips, a water bottle. I drank whatever was inside, it tasted metallic but i was hoping it was poison, because I wanted so much to go to sleep.

Then my wish came through. I died, just not exactly how I thought it would be.

See I'm still alive, and that liquid I drank out of the water bottle, yeah, it was blood, now I'm in this hellhole with the guy that was there at my death place, trying to keep me awake. Blake. That was his name, he said, 'I saved you and now your mine.'

Why didn't fate let me die?

Hey hope you like this first chapter, more like a prologue.

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