Chapter Five

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Standing in the middle of the training grounds, you didn't know what to do or say, especially since that girl named Ophelia is glaring at you.

The training has many pentagrams in different ways drawn on them, and also there are magic tools on the ground.

Everyone stops what they are doing to look at the newcomer, in other words, you.

"Guys, I would like to introduce our newest member, her name is (Y/n) (L/n), her father was my best friend"

You stare at the man who insulted you and your father, who you learned his name is Angelo.

Angelo? the irony.

"Isn't her ancestor the co-founder of this cult. Farid (L/n), that's his name, right?" A brunet boy points out.

Your eyes widen in shock upon hearing the familiar name.

"Yes, that's why we should-" Ophelia cuts him off.

"Kill her"

Having enough of this girl's attitude, you turn your attention to her.

"Honey, I will snap your neck before you could lay a hand on me" you spat out, causing Ophelia to smirk.

"Oh really? Could have done the same to Andrea, but it seems that you were drooling over him"

Andrea chuckles, as you walk over, standing directly in front of Ophelia.

"Wanna try, I'm sure that bitches like you are not going to get missed"

Instead of Ophelia looking at you, she stares above you with wide eyes, before rushing away with no words.

"Umm...what just happened?"

You are confused, you thought that she was going to snap at you, yet she looked scared for some reason.

"It seems like your friendly companion scared her off" Angelo explains, confusing you more.

"Can you just please return me home, I'm really useless with magic" you exclaim.

"Nope" Angelo says, shoving you towards his male students with no effort.

"Get to know her, tomorrow she will start practicing with everyone"

All boys who look to be your age or older surround you including Andrea.

"Wanna learn voodoo? I can teach you how to hurt your enemies" a handsome boy with brown skin says, holding a voodoo doll, and needles.

You shook your head quickly.

"How about I teach you about cursing someone?" A pretty slim boy with red hair suggests.

You shook your head once more.

"What about sexual magic, I'm an expert in seducing dark creatures" Andrea offers with a tempting tone, breathing over your neck.

You move away from him quickly.

"If I'm even going to learn magic, I want to learn the good type of magic!" You exclaim.

"I can teach you everything about light magic if you wish to"

A polite gentle voice, makes you turn around to see a beautiful albino boy with sharp features staring at you with his blue eyes.

You feel like you are looking at an angel.

But, Angels do not exist in cults.

"What type of light magic?" You question him, not removing your eyes from his undeniable beauty.

He only smiles at you.

"The type to hypnotize your enemy into submission"

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