Authors Note #1

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Hey guys guess what? BBs back, and I'll be updating both my stories by 8pm this Friday. Great huh?
There is also another author note on my other fan fiction Dog of the walls. Also if you have any questions pertaining the stories don't hesitate to ask. I will most likely answer. Just make sure it's on this update or the most recent one kk?
Also I'm happy to inform you (I forgot to mention this on the other note) I will be setting up a one shot fanfiction with different "anime" characters no requests. And possibly a song fiction with lyrics to amazing different songs I've heard weather on the tv, radio, Internet, etc. doesn't matter. Anyways thanks for sticking around and I'll answer your questions/statements to the best of my ability. Also if there's any odd grammar mistakes that's my spellchecks error.
Anyways please remember to read, Vote and comment BB out. Peace. Love. Smile.

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