Chapter 11: Bloody Meetings

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(3rd point of view)

"Ne, ne, Ita-chin!" A cheery voice called out. (Y/n) turned her head to see Mikey sitting on top of the jungle gym.

"Mikey-kun! What are you doing up there?" She asked. "Takemitcy asked me to meet him here," Mikey grinned. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Actually I don't know," (Y/n) said. Mikey laughed and looked up. After a moment of silence he suddenly spoke up. "How did you and Takemitchy meet?" The blond questioned. She put her hand on her chin, thinking about the memories she shared with the crybaby hero.

"We've been friends since forever! We walked the same route to school but went to different ones. But after that we always have the same classes and go to the same schools. I've always protected him but recently, I feel like Takemichi matured? He still gets beat up though," The (e/c) eyed girl grinned.

"Mikey-kun!" A voice exclaimed. "There's the guy himself," She laughed.
· ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ ·

It was already the day of the battle
Valhalla vs the Tokyo Manji Gang.

(Y/n) immediately gagged, the smell of lit cigarettes was something she could never get used to. "Who are all these people?" Takemichi mumbled as he looked around.

"Spectators," Chifuyu answered. "The fight caught the attention of many delinquents in Tokyo." He continued.

"You're right, nothing but bad guys here," Takemichi stated. "So not worth 200 yen…should have made it 500," (Y/n) sighed.

"Like those two guys over there, they're the Haitani brothers. They can summon 100 men with just one shout. Those brothers are celebrities in Roppongi," Chifuyu informed. "100 men?" (Y/n) mumbled, taking note of their appearances.

One had his hair into two braids paired together with purple eyes. The other brother had blonde hair with streaks  and glasses.

"And that fatty over there, on that car. That's leanman, he controls Ueno, I hear he's an absolute juggernaut," The boy with an undercut said.

"Haah~ it's party time. Toman versus Valhalla ain't worth shit," A rough voice exclaimed. "Good to see you sir," People bowed as he walked by. "I'll be watching over the fight. The name's Hansen, from the Ikebukuro criminal black members," Hansen said.

"He's one of the big fish from the 1988 group! He's our overseer today," Chifuyu informed. "" The (e/c) eyes girl asked.

"Like a referee, Hansen, Leanman, and the Haitani brothers, they're gonna watch today. But they're normally fierce rivals with Toman." He said.

"Fighters! Make your entrance!!" Hansen announced. Chifuyu tugged at (Y/n)'s hoodie sleeve, jestering her to put on the hood. She did as told as more than hundreds of gang members flooded the abandoned car piles.

"Let's go Toman!" Hanma yelled. Takemichi looked panicked as everyone already started fighting. "Aargh!" A Valhalla member exclaimed, aiming his punch at the poor blond boy. "Eep!" Takemichi shrieked, readying for impact.

(Y/n) raised her fist and forced the other guy to the ground. "You're going to be stinking poor after this!" She declared, punching people left and right.

"Eyes over here bitch ass!" A guy exclaimed, about to punch Takemichi. Meanwhile (Y/n) had guys trying to punch and kick her from every direction.

Mitsuya jumped from a car and kicked the enemy right in the private area. "Get up, Takemichi," Mitsuya said, offering his hand. "You saved me, Mitsuya-kun," Takemichi grinned, clasping his own hand with Mitsuya's.

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