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Why did they let it go on?

 He soon had an answer to his brother's question. As he saw the prisoners the next day, he realized. Their faces were skin over skull, and their eyes were glassy and dead. They screeched like monkeys as they clawed over each other to obtain a crust of discarded bread. They didn't look human. They certainly didn't act human. And he couldn't find it in him to treat them as if they were human.

 Except for the girl.

 But even she was changing.

 He went to her at night again to bring her bread, and she snatched the loaf from his hand and devoured it like a wolf tearing at its prey. And then she burst into sobs.

 "Why are you so good to me?" she wept as he held her in his arms.

 "I don't know," he answered.

 "I love you," she said. His heart stuttered at those words.

 But they were words uttered on an empty stomach.

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