pt 42.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


"Why you sad baby he ight" Dominic assured rubbing on her fiance's thigh as she laid on his chest in their bed.

"Because I-I caused this for him I'm the reason he has to go through this only at 2 weeks old I didn't mean for any of this to happen" she cried as he wiped her tears.

"Stop saying that baby its not your fault" he spoke as she covered her face feeling her lip quivering.

"It is I went into labor early giving him this problem if I just did right a-and had a healthy pregnancy this wouldn't be happening" she cried keeping her face covered.

She didn't like crying in front of him but this was making her feel awful about herself her body couldn't continuing the full 9 months so she had him at 7 months leaving him with a rare heart condition that could cause him to die this was her first baby she didnt want to do this to him.

"What I just say stop allat crying" he stated removing her hands from her face wiping her tears keeping her head lifted up with his other hand.

"What if he grows up to hate me?! he'll never talk to me again-"

He covered her mouth getting annoyed with her nonsense he knew she went into labor early but did he blame her for any of this? No, Did he think she caused any of this? No. So he didnt understand why she was so paranoid if he's up and well now he loved his son and her regardless of what happened or will happen he just prayed and hoped everything was fine.

"Imma call my momma if you keep on with this bullshit you know she gon give you a whole lecture until you understand this not your fault I don't blame you for this, the DOCTORS don't blame you for this so I don't understand why you blaming yourself for this love I love you and my son no matter what you hear me" he said finally letting her mouth go as she nodded.

"Go get dressed so we can go back to the hospital my momma gon meet us there"


Omar felt his eyes opening feeling a body under him.

He felt 'okay'. He was trying to get comfortable with being 'gay' he felt more awkward at times and just snapped for no reason but he knew Sahil fixed him everytime so he calmed down a bit.

He now realized he was more soft than anything he couldn't even look Sahil in the eyes and pretend to be hard knowing Sahil would snatch him up within seconds.

He never knew he would end up being a bottom with he females he loved being in control until he realized he liked being controlled himself.

He started to feel things towards Sahil which was funny he loved his touch and kisses especially when he's horny it made him feel even better.

He now stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth with the water running feeling a firm smack on his ass causing him to accidentally moan then gag on the toothbrush.

He had a 5 second flashback from last night Sahil out did himself Omar couldn't feel his legs he kept ahold of the counter so he wouldn't fall.

Omar rinsed his mouth out pushing past him limping out the room causing Sahil to chuckle.


Sahil put his glasses back on along with his shoes he was visiting his father today out of despite.

His father kicked him out when he came out to him he didn't want a faggot son living under his room but he still expected calls, visits, gifts everything from him to at least show appreciation that his father 'raised' him well enough.

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