Suzume's POV

We met up with Kankuro and Temari a little while later, and because it was getting dark out, we decided to spend the night in the Leaf Village. Gaara suggested we went home, but the rest of us found it better to go home tomorrow.

We stayed in the same house as before, because it's technically ours (it belongs to Father). It already had some extra changes of clothes and some food so we should be good.

"I'm going out for a little bit," I said to Gaara. He nodded, his back turned to me.

* * *

I need some alone time. Nothing better than relaxing in the trees! Once I found a nice branch, I sighed, and watched the sunset. Within a matter of five minutes, someone came out into the same area of woods that I was in. I heard the clang of metal as the person puled out a shuriken, and threw it against a tree.

Silently, I went down a few branches to get a better view. There was a practice stump, with a shuriken smack in the center. The person standing in front of the stump was none other than Fumiko Hatake.

Somehow, I lost my balance, and started to fall. I quickly unplugged my wind jar, and pushed myself upward, and back onto the branch. I hope I didn't startle Fumiko...

"Well, don't kill yourself!" She teased.

"I wasn't trying to," I said back, jumping down from my spot in the tree.

"Well what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in your village?"

"I just got back from a mission. Apparently you guys sent a retrieval squad to get Sasuke.The people there couldn't handle their opponents they ran into, so they sent the four of us to help," I looked up at the clouds, a pinkish red lining around them because of the sunset. "I'm exhausted. My brother Gaara and I had to help Lee. The guy he was facing was tough. Even for Gaara."

She looked surprised. "Lee?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Lee had surgery the other day! He escaped his hospital room! Have you heard about Neji?"

"Well, Lee was pretty good for just having surgery. And I didn't see Neji, but I'm sure he'll be fine. He's very strong."

"Yeah," she trialed off. "What do you mean by 'pretty good'?"

"He managed to hold the guy off until we got there," I started, stretching out my arm. I felt it pop, and pain stabbed at my wrist, where I broke it.

"You okay?" Fumiko asked.

I winced. "Yeah, I think so... I broke my wrist a few weeks ago, and I just got back into doing missions," I said. "Anyway, he wasn't injured, only a few scratches."

"Good," She said. "TenTen and I had to stay back and protect the village from any attacks," She stated. "We were worried about our comrades. Kakashi- sensei and Gai sensei both went on missions, so it was just the two of us, Ino, Hinata, Sakura, and Shino. Basically all the girls and Shino stayed back." She stopped to laugh. "Shino was SO pissed he wasn't invited on the mission. He's been sulking practically all weekend, even when we were on watch duty."

"Ha!" I laughed. Jumping back up onto a tree, I hooked my legs on a branch and hung upside down from it. "I haven't been able to do anything like this since the chunin exams!"

"Well, nothing's stopping you now!" She paused. "You know, I never got my match."

"Neither did I, now that I think of it," I said. "But I really didn't wannt to fight anyone of the other people. You, Shino, Hikari, Sasuke, Gaara, Temari, Neji... Even Naruto!"

"I know," Fumiko agreed. "Same here."

Grabbing a branch below me, I swung backwards and did a backflip onto another tree limb.

"Thanks for making me walk home alone, Suzume," a voice said from behind me. Lee?

"Gaara wanted me to leave, thank you very much," I replied, my back turned to him. "We needed to meet up with Kankuro and Temari."

"Lee!" Fumiko exclaimed, waving to her comrade. "I see you're doing better!"

"Yeah, I guess so," He said, while I turned around. "Certainly not at peak performance, but training should do the trick!"

"Oh, that reminds me," Fumiko said. "Gai sensei was flipping out like CRAZY this morning when he found out you left your hospital room. It'd be a good idea to go see him and tell him you're okay. Giving Lady Tsunade a visit wouldn't hurt, either."

Lee started running. "Gai sensei!!!" He cried.

"It's hilarious, how serious he is about everything," I observed. "He's like a copy of his sensei."

"I know, right!!" She agreed. "Whenever Lee is punished by Gai sensei, Gai sensei gets all emotional, and the two of them start crying and have a man hug moment. It's really embarrassing, especially in public."

"I would imagine," I stopped for a second. "I'm realizing how good it is that my sensei doesn't hang out with us very often."

"He doesn't?" She asked.

"No, not really. He never goes to train with us. Usually, he's there for missions, but that's about it. He leaves us to ourselves."

"I wish Gai sensei did that to us! He only teaches Lee new jutsu, and he's embarrassing!" I started doing pull ups on a branch. "What are you DOING?" She asked, laughing.

I dropped back on the branch. "Nothing..." I replied with a grin. Fumiko pulled out a kunai, and sliced a branch off a tree, lifting it up above her head with one hand.

"I pick things up and put them down," She shouted with a weird accent. It made me laugh so hard I fell out of the tree face first, and had to catch myself by infusing some chakra into the air below me, making a blast of air push me up by my branch.

"Yes, Fumiko," I said, giggling. "Yes you do."

* * *

We did things like that until the sun went down, then I noticed something off in the distance. A little eye of sand. I sighed. "Better go back. Gaara wants me."

She slumped over. "Okay,"

Hopping off the tree, I made a copy of my hand with my air. Outstretching my fingers, I made a fist and crushed the third eye. The green air flowing back into the jar, I smiled, and waved to Fumiko. "Bye!" I said.

She waved back "Bye! Have a safe trip back to the Sand Village!"

* * *

Once I got back to the house, Gaara was sitting on the roof as usual. "We're heading back tomorrow morning. It eould be a good idea to rest now." I nodded, then headed inside to go to bed.

* * *

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