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I just developed this story idea and I had to write it! I hope you guys enjoy it! I found it hilarious
America carried Britain into the meeting room with smile while Britain had a scowl on his face. All the countries were there and they were the last to arrive.

"Ciao America! Why are you carrying England?" Italy asked curiously with a smile.

"Iggy can't walk because his hips and legs hurt too much." America said with a pout and nuzzled Britain's cheek.

"Its your fault you bloody git." Britain nudged America's face away. A few countries were listening in and getting the attention of others.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know it would happen. Last night was pretty nice though, wasn't it?" America asked with a smirk.

"It was for the most part but you could have at least let me finish first...." He muttered with a blush.

"America, I thought I taught you better." Francis said and crossed his arms over his chest.

America just shrugged and sat England in his seat. Most countries were red in the face.

The meeting went on and America flirted slightly with Britain, who rejected his flirts.

America wrote on a paper and then put of on front of Britain.

Are you still mad at me?

Britain sighed and replied.

Somewhat. Last night was enjoyable but you were a little rough...

America pouted a little.

I said I was sorry. Besides, its hard for me not to be rough since I'm so strong.

Britain sighed.

I know. Maybe we could do it again when I get better?

America smiled widely.

I would love to.

Once the meeting let out, America picked Britain up once again.

Japan just so happened to glance at the paper they were passing back and forth and got a nosebleed.

Poland was thinking about what wedding dress would look good on Britain.

As America was leaving with Britain, South Korea got their attention.

"Um... I was curious, what exactly did you two last night?"

"Oh, we went bike riding!" America said happily.

"Bike riding! That's what you were talking about?" France asked in surprised.

"Yes you bloody git. We went bike riding and even raced a little. What did you think we were talking about?"

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