Chapter 21

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"Why did she kidnap me?"

When Vanessa discovered her aunt had kidnapped her, she always wondered why? But judging how wealthy and powerful her family was, the girl knew that it was because she was one of the heirs of some very powerful individuals. Nevertheless, with this theory strong in mind, she still questioned it. Amberly was related to her mother, so surely, her aunt was wealthy, too. So why did she abduct her?

At the hospital, Felicity had mentioned that Amberly was jealous of her. But jealous of what? Looks? That couldn't be it since they had mostly the similar features.

It couldn't have been for blackmail or ransom, otherwise her parents would have paid for it. Unless... her parents didn't think she was worth anything to them and only wanted her after Amberly died, so they didn't have to spend anything on her.

No! Vanessa thought firmly, shaking her head. They seemed to genuinely care for her and were worried about her health and safety.

But what if that was an act? A small voice asked in her head. What if this all thing pretend? What if they meant for her to eavesdrop on them so that she thought they were worried about her?

Was she that desperate for love and affection that she was ignoring the signs? They knew Stephen Huntley. Were they even telling the truth?

Viktor, who had been gazing at his daughter, observed her tells. Her face was pinched in suspicion and skepticism, and she fiddled with her toys. He had noticed she would often do that if she was nervous, but why? Why was she so nervous? Was she scared of him?

He knew being the leader of one of the most powerful mafias in the world had hardened him, and had given him a vicious edge, but he never wanted his little princess to ever fear him.

Felicity also noticed her daughter's expression and explained, "Amberly was jealous of me," She sighed, sitting on the couch, "She would do these silly things to embarrass me ever since we were kids but I just thought it was sibling rivalry, you know. But then, she started becoming more aggressive, and we were forced to take the necessary action to keep the family safe."

Viktor snorted lightly. Aggressive? Sure, if you counted her killing twenty of their security guards. Amberly wasn't one of the most feared assassins for no reason. With her need for revenge overpowering her senses, she became unstably desperate and decided to kidnap their daughter. She hadn't earned the name Death for showing mercy.

Vanessa frowned, her eyebrows frowning, "Why was she jealous of you?" she said, noticing her mother's vague answer.

Her father inhaled a deep breath, guilt flooding him. "It's my fault."

At that, Vanessa and Felicity snapped their gazes at him. "That's not true," argued his wife.

Ignoring her, he plummeted on, "It's my fault. Amberly was in love with me and I knew it."


Amberly, her aunt, her abuser...was in love with her dad?

"Viktor," Felicity muttered, "It's not-"

He cut her off, rubbing his hands together, and he continued, "Before she got too crazy, she confessed her feelings for me and I rejected her. Very harshly." Amberly asked him before he and Felicity were together. God, how many times he thought of that moment, he couldn't stop the guilt filling his veins. Maybe if...he stopped himself and focused on his daughter. She deserved to know the truth. Or at least some of it.

"She kidnapped you because of me. Because of what I did." He paused when Felicity stood up.

"That is not true! Viktor, you couldn't have known about it!" She scowled at him, "That bitch-excuse my language, sweetheart," she said to Vanessa, "Fucked her own life. Lots of things happen in life, but one rejection can't shape her to kill people!"

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