pt 41.

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| 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚒𝚗𝚐 |


"Son? Kenneth?!" She practically yelled shock.

Kenneth was actually her first son before she had her daughter Monica, she kicked him out at 16 for bringing drugs into her home causing police to show up breaking her things, ripping her furniture to find drugs which they did putting her in danger but her son in Juvie for 1 1/2.

He was always aggressive and pushy towards her, he took pills but it never worked necessarily he hit her a few times before him and his nephew got into about it causing a huge fight and a lot of blood everywhere she had hatred for him and she didn't doubt that she could forgive him for anything he's done to her.

"I see you still live here.." he trailed off.

"You can't be here I'm sorry" she denied attempting to close the door but he out his foot in it just in time.

"You know I never understood why you favorited Monique deadass so much you gave her everything she wanted but I had to work fa my shit!" He yelled into her face causing her to back up only leading him into the house.

"Don't talk about my baby Kenneth she did what she was suppose to do she didn't run off with boys a-and lose her virginity at 13 or join a GANG you did all that messing up your life at 16 so dont blame me for your shit!" She yelled back feeling a tight grip on her throat.

"Then you can be with her perfect ass then" he spat squeezing her neck tighter.


Kianna sighed rubbing her hands together as she got out her car heading back into the club she used to dance at.

She wasn't coming back to dance of course since she wasn't ready but she felt sad and lonely and she needed to be my Deandre bad before she could do anything to hurt herself.

She entered the club feeling all eyes on her while she headed to the back to find him.

"Excuse me-"

"Fuck outta my face bitch" the girl spat bumping past her.

Kianna looked confused just going up the small stairs to his office hearing a couple noises from the inside.


Her whole body froze as she squeezed the door nob seeing his dick inside a girl laying on the table.

She shut her mouth seeing him fumbling around to zip himself back up.

She slammed the door closed walking down the steps quickly to exit the locker room seeing most women were already laughing at her and whispering.

"That hoe thought he wanted her forreal no nigga want no stripper ass bitch"

"I thought she relapsed"

"Didn't she try and kill herself?"

The whispers continued as she exiting the dressing room leaving the club in anger and sadness it was like he was planning for her to see she texted him twice letting him know she was coming which he responded to he basically set her up to see.

"Kianna man wait" Deandre said grabbing her hand causing her to quickly snatch it back.

"I don't know where your hands been Deandre don't touch me" she gritted walking out the club.

"Please Kianna it's not even like that-"

"We're not together Deandre don't explain anything to me and please at least give me a heads up when you'll be doing them while I'm own my way to get comfort while having suicidal thoughts" she stated walking back to her car.


Semaj groaned sitting down on the couch unpausing his show.

"What's wrong handsome?" Serena asked putting his food on the table.

"Nothing I'm hungry" he shrugged sitting back on the floor he knew Serena hated him eating on her couch.

She still stayed in her apartment of course since Semaj did like it there so she'll be back until she was ready to continue speaking to her boyfriend.

She honestly felt like she was giving him to many God giving chances not even thinking 'should she actually do it?', 'Will he change like he promised?', 'WILL anything change like he said?' She felt like she needed more time than just a few days or weeks she wanted a honest break for a few months until she was ready to communicate with him again.

"I'm going to take a nap okay can you wake me up at 4 so I can eat?" She asked as he nodded keeping his attention on the TV.

"Thank you" she smiled heading back to her room shutting her phone off so she could sleep good.

She slipped her pants off along with her shirt leaving her tight boxers on with her sports bra climbing into the bed.

"This gotta get better it has to" she spoke to herself.


La'Paris sat down in front of his mother's grave already on the verge of tears she and Mama B plus his sister were the only 3 women in his life and he seemed to lose 2 of the 3 most important ones in his life he couldn't lose Serena or Mama B he didn't want this life he just wanted to be happy and blessed.

"Wassup ma ian come inna minute you know I been busy" he spoke placing the flowers down.

"Um..I got a girlfriend now she real sweet and real caring just like you was plus she gotta little brother he funny as hell to and he play football he definitely gon make it out and you won't believe Gunna out a ring on Nadia finger blessing her with a baby to shit just all sweet fa them while I'm over here fucking up my chances with my girl back to back.

"I wouldn't blame her if she left to be honest, I make a promise I can't keep only hurting her which hurts me to see her crying and begging me to change in the endzone just for her to forgive, forget and live on just for me to keep doing it over and over again"

"I'm tryna learn and change, change from my mistakes before she end up leaving me forreal but I'm not gon take up a lot of yo time since you probably resting but I love you tell my sister I love her"

He wiped his tears standing up placing the flowers on the top of her grave.


Mama B laid out dead on the floor with blood splattered on the floor with a puddle around her body.

She couldn't even speak to her grandson one last time the last thing she told him 'So tell her the truth before its to late please' and she really hoped and prayed he told her.

"Tell that fuck ass son of yours his ass next" Kenneth spat to his nephew's father spitting on his mother's body before exiting the house.


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