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Josh's lips ran over hers and suddenly she tasted the familiar taste of alcohol. After gaining enough willpower to finally take his lips from hers and looked into his eyes, and then scanned the room quickly.

"You're drunk" she said disappointed.

"No, I've only had a couple shots a few hours after she left. I'm completely sober right now." He explained, being completely honest. Maine finally believed him and ran her fingers over his chest and up to his face grabbing it and pulling it down to hers. Silence invaded the room as all Maine could hear was her heart about to beat out of her chest. The kiss ended moments later and what was left of Maine's breath came out in a sigh. Josh looked her up and down his fingers trailing on her arms down to her hands giving each one a kiss. Maine grabbed her bag and went to leave to hang out with Emmerson even more, it was the first time they had seen each other in two years after all, when Josh finally spoke

"It wasn't just mistletoe." He said looking up from his feet to meet her eyes. Maine let out a small smile and nodded her head before leaving the room. Her heart was practically skipping out of her chest while she was sprinting to Emmerson's room. She thrust the door open to find Emmerson pouring two glasses of wine. Emmerson immediately recognized the glint of happiness in Maine's eyes and lit up.

"What happened in that room?" she asked handing a glass to Maine. Mane took a sip and proceeded to tell Emmerson what had happened.

"Josh kissed me, Debby and Josh broke up, she left, he admitted it was more than mistletoe." Maine sputtered out obviously trying to catch her breath and organize her thoughts. Emmerson raised an eyebrow.

"Take a moment, catch your breath, and then try again." Maine did was she was told and finally was able to compute her thoughts enough that they would make sense.

"Well, I walked into the room and I noticed Debby wasn't there and neither were her bags so I asked Josh where she was and he told me that they broke up and then he kissed me! I swear to you Eme that I almost died right there, and then we kissed again, and then I was almost out the door and he said it wasn't just mistletoe, which means... oh my god. It means that he emotionally cheated on Debby." Maine said realizing what had happened. She took a giant drink of her wine and sat down in the bed looking at her glass.

"Am I a home wrecker?" she asked Emmerson. Emmerson shook her head at her best friend

"Maine you've been watching too much Grey's anatomy, no you're not a home wrecker, or a slutty mistress, or whatever you were going to say next. " Emmerson said comforting her friend. Maine let out a small giggle at her friend, of course she knew what Maine was about to say.

"Well, what do I do about all of this?" Maine asked

"I'd say just go with the flow, and tell Tyler. Why would you keep it from him? He's going to find out eventually and it will just hurt him that you didn't tell him. Also, Josh and Debby were pretty serious so I wouldn't expect too much right away, it still has to hut that the relationship is over, and he needs to respect Debby and not get into a relationship directly after they break up"

Maine nodded completely understanding what Emmerson was saying.

"Now! Let's go out to the bar like we said we were going to!" Emmerson said slapping Maine's thigh and standing up to change clothes into something cuter since it was Seattle. Maine did the same and grabbed a pair of black pants, and her favorite tank and cardigan with some sandals. Emmerson grabbed an adorable sunflower dress with a jean jackets and black flats. After forty five minutes they were finally ready for their night. Driving to the bar they found out it was karaoke night and Emmerson was practically forcing Maine to sing or else she was making her walk back to the hotel, which was ten miles away. Maine put her name up in the queue with her song and waited patiently for her turn, having casual conversations with people at the bar and listening to other people attempt to sing their favorite turns very drunkenly. Finally Maine's name was called and she very shyly made her way to the stage, after a few cat calls she finally spoke

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