on the tour bus !!

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ok , now that everyone got to know each other niall decided to invite us girls to go on the tour bus with them . i thought to my self " we are actully touring with 1D " .

the girls screamed with happiness when they got the invite from the boys !

* on the tour bus *

it was so big so many rooms just like a house but on wheels .

the bedroom : the beds were so nice , they had a dressing table with a big mirror and loads of built in wardrobes full of all there lovely clothes and accessories for the shows .

the lounge : the bus had massive sofa's which spin round and also have bulit in speakers ! the tv was a cinema screen which was very big , and they had so many game consoles like the xbox , xbox kinect and ps3 .

the kitchen and dining room : the kitchen had all the latest gadgets and very modern surfaces . the dining room had the most amazing table and chairs because when u press a button the table and chairs pop up .

the bus was amazing and yes it was time to get touring so off we went !

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