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Third person POV

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Third person POV

Taehyung stood in front of the house which was supposed to be called home but never once did he feel so. This house only made him feel miserable and today he was determined to bring an end to it. He glanced behind him to find none although he knew about the presence of safety around him. Breathing in deeply to calm his nerves , Taehyung gained the courage to twist the door knob of the house and walked into the darkness which always welcomed him.

Only , this time the only difference was how instantly light took over the house once he entered. Taehyung was surprised but soon that faded once his eyes met his father's who was grinning at him so normally like any father could.

"Welcome home son. Took you quite a long time to return." He chidded out sweetly, making Taehyung fist his hands tightly. "Thought I won't?" Taehyung questioned which gained a chuckle from the man in front. "Oh no no but didn't expect you to be alone." Hansoo said, maintaining the grin which seemed too sweet and fake.

Taehyung smirked at that and stepped forward. He was no more scared because he knew this time he had nothing to fear. "Scared of getting caught ?" He challenged his father whose fake grin slowly started to fall. He hated the way Taehyung was confidentially speaking to him, the scared son of his was long gone. "I have sworn to make you pay Hansoo , and you won't be getting away this time."

Watching the smile from his Father's face vanish made Taehyung grin wider. He wanted just that. Make the man angry and chase him outside so that the officers could get a hold on him. " Being confident doesn't suit you my son and as your father , I know how to shut you up."

Taehyung didn't step back when Hansoo started taking steps approaching him. He just stood there glaring at his father as the serial killer leaned forward and whispered something. " Your mother is dying, wouldn't you make it easy for her and let me kill you ? If you die soon then she can have her death sooner rather than freezing to death. " And these words were the last beads before Taehyung lost his years of compressed fears in the form of anger.

With a swift move of his hand , he successfully punched Hansoo's face making him step back while holding his eyes which mostly got the hit. Taehyung didn't wait and moved forward kicking the shin of his father's leg making the man stumble down instantly. That had made the killer go berserk as he stood up on his feet while his hands moved behind pulling out a killing object. A gun.

"I thought to have a heart to heart conversation with you before blowing your head but guess you don't wanna delay right ?" Taehyung's senses had stilled , focusing on the gun which was held by his father. "Wouldn't you spill your last-" before Hansoo could speak out what he wanted to say , the door of the house thrashed open with a loud thud and there stood six guys .

"Finally these muscles are coming handy." Taehyung furrowed his brow because he was quite sure that it sounded like Jungkook and the guys looked like his friends who weren't supposed to be there ! "Kook , the damn door wasn't even locked." Jin spoke with his face having a duh reaction . " Don't you get it Jin , little kookie likes to show off. " Yoongi dramatically stated and took an attempt to pat Jungkook's hair who didn't think twice before pushing his hands away.

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