I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 56

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Part 56

“Yeah I’m fine,” I answered back into the phone as I tried balancing it on my shoulder and cut the photos at the same time.

“Cool. So?”

“So? What?”

“So. . . did you guys do it?!” Nicky whispered from the other end almost screaming it out.

I couldn’t help but grin and let a little laugh escape my lips.

“Now, that Miss isn’t any of your-“

“YOU DID! Was he good? Did he-“

“Ok Nicky! Did you call for any other reason than to poke around in my sex life?” I was so not sure I wanted to know what else she was gonna ask!

“Nope.” She said back popping the ‘p’. “Your life is way too fun and beside my sex life seems to be inexistent at the moment.” I heard the light edge to her voice and I stopped cutting.


“Nah, I don’t wanna go there.” She whispered piping up but I could still here her voice wavering. “Besides I’ve kept my self-busy all this time so let’s not ruin it!”

“Does it help?”

“Yeah. Doesn’t leave me any time to think about him, apart from night but then I’ve got Hanna who actually makes me go running with her! Can you believe that?!” I couldn’t help but laugh knowing how much Nicky hates running and the image of her trailing behind Hanna was racing in my mind.

“Well, you know what they say, exercise is-“Before I could say a witty remark I was cut off with Nicky’s.

“Oh really? Well you know what they say about a healthy sex life, the more-“

“Wow! Is that the time! I need to go!” I said cutting her off and saying goodbye over her protests which consisted of sex. I put the phone down and slid it across the table as I continued to cut the photos. Just as I bent over a little, I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist, his breathe washing down my neck and I smiled before dropping the knife and turning in his arms to face him, my hands sinking into his wet hair and my little tee drenched from the water dripping from his chest. At least he wore a towel and slippers!

“Hmm, bragging already about the greatest sex god alive I see?” He said grinning and I leaned forwards, my nose brushing against his teasing him.

“Yeah, I was saying how amazing I was and how sucky you were.” I looked up at him but he caught me off guard. His lips pressed to mine and he leant me back against the counter.

“Wait! What?” He said pulling away as if only realising what I had just said. “I didn’t suck!”

“How would you know? You weren’t pleasing yourself; you were TRYING to please me and failed.” I said matter of factly shrugging my shoulders when in fact he was bloody amazing!

“You’re kidding” He said rolling his eyes before looking back at me with worry, “Right?”

“Babe, you’ve got so much time to improve!” He really is stupid if he can’t tell I’m joking! Although, I really like where this is leading!

“Oh yeah? Well come on then, I’ll show you I don’t suck!” He actually grabbed my wrist and began pulling me towards the stairs!

“I can’t! I’ve got to get dinner ready!” I yelled in protest.

He’s an idiot.

I mean come on! He can’t actually think I mean it!

“Fine, we’ll do it here.”

“Wait-“ Before I knew what I was happening he was turning back around, his hands gripping my ass and pressing me against his chest as he slammed his lips to mine and cleared the counter before sitting me up, spreading my legs apart as he moved in still kissing me. “Chris,”

I tried pulling away but in the end I began moaning against his lips, my hands tugging at his hair as I moved against him.

Crap! This shit is addicting!

“I’m sorry.” He whispered pulling away catching me off balance.

I looked down at him, smiling.

“I know.” And just as he reached in against I placed my finger against his lips. “I was joking Chris, you don’t suck!”

He just winked and moved my finger out of the way gently.

“I know. I just wanted to get us in this position.” My eyes widened and my mouth fell open but all I could was laugh as I leaned back in.

“Oh really? Well then, you better-“ Oh screw this! His lips slammed back on mine and all thoughts of stopping anything had flown from my mind.

If the bed and the shower weren’t enough, the kitchen counter’s gonna make it three in a day!

He lifted me up a little more, his arms tightly around my back holding me against him as I couldn’t help but smile against his lips.

Everything that’s happened so far felt like it was worth it.

Slowly he removed my tee, and his hands began on my shorts.


“We need a take away.” I whispered out of breathe as I rolled over onto his chest. He wrapped one arm around my shoulder and the other under his head as he pulled the towel over us.


“Sounds good.” I curled up next to him not caring about the mess around us. “You never told me the kitchen floor was this comfy!”

“I never tried it in the kitchen before.” I looked up at him to see a smirk slapped on his lips and I covered them with my own. “You really need to give up kissing me, because we’ll just end up like this over and over again.”

“I know.” I whispered before pulling away and getting to my feet, clutching the sheet to my chest.

“You really find it necessary to cover up and leave me naked on the kitchen floor don’t you?” He asked raising an eyebrow and I searched for my clothes.


“This isn’t gonna end well,” I heart him mutter and I popped my head over the other side of the counter to look at him to see him grinning and I knew what he meant.

“Oh no! To many times in one day is not healthy!” I didn’t actually know that, I was just making that up and I have no clue why!

“Try and stop me?” Just as he was getting up, I threw the towel over to him and slipped into my pants and shorts. “You had to cover the bottom first didn’t you?”

“Hey! What’s wrong with my chest!?!” I demanded in a jokey voice as I searched for my bra.

“Nothing, but I demand them on view from now on.” I stopped and looked up at him to see him swinging my bra from finger to finger, the towel already wrapped around his waist. I stared daggers at him before I spotted my tee and raced towards it pulling it on.

“Well, it just means others can see more of my-“ I was cut off as he threw my bra to me with a frown and left the kitchen to get changed. “Jealous are we?”

I yelled from the kitchen and as I took of my tee and put my bra on and then put it back on.

“Nope! I just don’t want my girl going off with some old perv!” He yelled from the top of the stairs and all the way to getting the phone, dialling, giving my order and answering the door to take it in, I was grinning like a fool.


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