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Nash's POV
That was the most touching moment ever I am so glad he is alive. " why not we through a party" I say " umm with who" Jocelyn says worried "people Duhh " I say in a duh tone. "Of course I know that, I'm not dumb. I was asking like people from are class" she says I nodd " ok, but please don't invite Jordy she is just ughhhh" Marina says "agreed" Jai and Jennifer say at the same time and we all laugh.

Marina's POV
"Alrighty, I'm go to buy some food" I say "ooo can I come" Hayes, Shawn, and Jocelyn scream "sure" I say while laughing we called uber and went to party city first to buy like streamers and all that kind of stuff. "Ok, let's stick together so we don't get lost and we can buy anything and by anything I mean anything" I say we all ran getting confetti poppers (big and small ones), streamers, big bowls (to put snacks in), hair spray that colors your hair, and we also got a bunch of things to play with. We went to the cashier " your totally will be $235.14" the lady says "thank you" we all ran out back to the uber car.

"Uhh can we please go to.....Ralph's" Hayes says the car ride was silent. We go to Ralph's and I jumped on Hayes's back and Jocelyn did the same with Shawn we raced and it was a tie. We got a bunch of chips, cookies, sandwhich platters, cupcakes, ice cream, and more we rushed to the cashier and paid then went back to the car. As soon as we got home, we put everything down Jocelyn and I were putting the chips and everything else in like bowls and plates. Shawn and Hayes were putting up the streamers, Nash and Jai were setting up the DJ (what would a party be without music😑) Kalolaine, Kimberly, and Matt were just cleaning the pool so it won't be dirty.

Nash's POV
While I was setting up the DJ I made a group chat so people would come, I probably texted about 32 people cause we don't want it to be crazy. 10 minutes later I checked officially 28 people are coming so i thought great now why not order pizza.

Phone convo

"Hello this is Jeff how may I assist you" the guy said
"Yes, hi can I please place an order for a pizza delivery" I said politely
"Sure, what is your street name and number of the house" Jeff said nicely
" 2314 magnolia ave." (not real address but if it's real oh well) I said
"Ok, now what would you like to order" he said
"10 boxes of pepperoni and 10 boxes of cheese" I said
"Ok it will be there in about uhh... 30 minutes" he said
"Perfect, bye" I said and I hung up the phone.

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