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5/9 Update: we made it! Click through to the next chapter :)

Fans of "The Untold Restricted Stories! (Paladin Extras)"-

Many of you have requested the end to the previous "Llyr's Maiden" scene. I have put off writing it for over a year now because frankly, it's really hard to write that sort of thing (and I'm a wee bit embarrassed)!

But...I know it's cruel of me to leave you on a cliffhanger and I think I'm up for the challenge. With that said, I will post the next installment of "Llyr's Maiden" (mature audiences only) once I reach 100 Paladin Kindle pre-orders. (Oh, didn't you hear? I'm publishing Paladin! Eep!)

If you're interested in pre-ordering a digital copy, you can buy one on Amazon for $2.99 - you'll get the final edited version of Paladin delivered to your Kindle app or device on May 14. (So excited!!!). You can search "Sally Slater" on Amazon or click on the external link for this chapter.

(FYI, paperback, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords versions will be available on May 14).

Again, thanks to all the rock stars who have pre-ordered a copy! Now go tell all your friends so we can make sure we get to 100 ;) I must gather my courage to finally finish Llyr's Maiden once and for all...

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