26: Janisson

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'Play stupid games, win stupid prizes'

The next day...

Upon returning to the mansion last night things were rather anticlimactic.

Mum didn't say anything other than telling me to go to my room and we would discuss this further tomorrow--which is today, but turns out early today morning is also the day she leaves for her long-weekend bachelorette party with her friends, leaving me here with these guys.

"Kayden be nice to me," I whine but he ignores me and continues staring at the textbook on his table. I inwardly cringe at the amount of reading he is doing while making notes simultaneously.

'Who would have thought, THE Kayden Ashford is the studious kind'

"Mum let Enrique decide the punishment for me not informing her about leaving school and hanging out with Daniel at the diner," I explain my frustration. "He wants me to write a detailed report on the events that led up to that," I add running my fingers through my hair. He continues to ignore me.

"Kay," I whine at his unresponsiveness from my place on his bed, chucking a pillow his way that he skillfully evades unfazed.

"So now you use words?" He question with a raised brow, turning in his chair to fully face me. "Only when you need something from me," he rolls his eyes. I pout.

"Mum says I'll have to rewrite the report if Enrique isn't satisfied with its contents," I mumble hoping for some sympathy from him.

"Then I sure hope you make it a damn good one," he shrugs nonchalantly, unbothered by my current predicament.

"Fine," I huff in defeat. "Wesley's my favorite anyway," I add, inwardly smirking before getting off his bed and heading towards his door.

"What did you say, brat?" He retorts quickly with narrowed eyes.

"I said what I said," I affirm crossing my arms.

"Whatever," he chuckles bitterly. "Let's see whose your favorite when he doesn't help you either."

"At least he won't ignore me, unlike some others I know," I retort, before exiting his room followed by a sigh.

Moseying my way towards Wesley's home office--the only place I can find him in the early hours of the morning, like now. I swiftly knock three repetitive times on the enormous mahogany door guarding the entrance of his office earning a gruff "come in" from the other end.

"Hey Wes," I mumble awkwardly unsure how to ask him for any help. He looks up from the pile of papers he's reading through, his bright eyes framed by square dark-rimmed glasses.

He quirks his brow prompting me to speak. But I don't, I just shuffle my feet as I think my words through.

"If this is about the punishment Enrique has handed out to you, you're on your own," he states moments following my silence. His monotonous tone with its undertone of coldness catches me off guard.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you," I mumble softly, my head hanging a bit low.

"Just like you didn't mean to break our trust yet again," he scoffs under his breath. I frown, giving myself a questioning look.

"Don't give me that look," he says sternly, putting aside his paperwork and directing his complete attention toward me. "First you just run off at the beach and now you leave the school premises and head off with a boy without informing anyone," he remarks in a controlled tone.

"I didn't think it would be such a big deal," I mutter softly.

"That seems to be your excuse every time, Olivia," he rebukes. I snap my eyes towards his--this is the first time he has ever used my full name and such a tone with me. 'Damn he really is mad'

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